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Sissy Spacek as Beth Horman
Jack Lemmon as Ed Horman
John Shea as Charles Horman
David Clennon as Consul Phil Putnam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Righty-Sock ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Costa-Gavras' first Hollywood film, bravely examined the US role in Chile's fascist anti-Allende coup of 1973…

Praised as a Political director, Costa-Gavras is of interest less for his finally unsophisticated analyzes of government intrigue than for the way he manages to frame his impassioned polemics within a popular and entertaining format…

Inspired by the disappearance of a young American during the coup, the film lacks moral complexity, but finds an admirable audience surrogate in the boy's Republican father, who is slowly educated in the imperialist hypocrisy of American foreign policy when he repeatedly encounters ambassadorial lies concerning his son's death… Most affecting is the evocation of a country under martial law falling apart at the seams: shots ring in the night, a white stallion gallops through the curfew pursued by a truck full of trigger-happy soldiers…

Not surprisingly, Costa-Gavras' "conjectural" film provoked the wrath of the US State Department…

Reviewed by Ucurian 9 / 10

This film changed my life

I was 17 when I first saw the film in 1982 and I can say, that it changed my life. Up to that I believe in my own government an I believe in the US, as a strong friend of all democratic countries. After this film I'd never take the things for real. I questioned everything and this is good. Use your mind, try to get informations from all sides. I think Chile is one reason, that the US doesn't sign the treaty for the international court, because guys like Kissinger had to be scared, that he has to take responsability for Chile and Vietnam. Everything was said of the great performance of the actors in this film. This is the best political thriller ever made.

Reviewed by Nolf_ 9 / 10

Still has the power.....

A terrific and brutal political thriller. It's supposed to shake you up and it really succeeds. It's a shame that they don't make films like this anymore. Costa-Gavras's "Missing" is emotionally riveting and thought provoking. For it's time, it still has the power to change the views of todays movie viewers. A must see. 5/5.

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