Missing in Action


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / War

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Chuck Norris as Col. James Braddock
James Hong as Gen. Trau
M. Emmet Walsh as Jack Tucker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PrivateBits 4 / 10

Typical Chuck Norris film

This is a typical Chuck Norris film and typical 80's action film. It follows a simple and commercially successful script: Lots of action scenes, lots of nudity, one liners, plenty of stunts and some moments of pure fantasy.

This film is great for those wanting to sit with popcorn and watch a film where you know what you're going to get. But this film sacrifices a lot of realism to achieve it. Scenes of helicopters making outrageous pick ups or so many Vietnamese henchmen with poor aims when it comes to shooting Chuck are some examples. This film is pure action based, as the movie went on, it was action sequence after action sequence and personally, I was fed up with too much.

There is so much wrong with this film technically and is you want to watch a clever, powerful dramatic and original action film ,then this isn't for you. If you want to watch a predictable, satisfying, simple adrenaline fuelled kill-fest, then you'll like this.

Reviewed by yarborough 10 / 10

Quit Your Whining, Liberals--It's a Guy's Flick

After reading all the Bin Ladens here claiming that "Missing in Action" is a "pseudo-patriotic", "racist" or jingoistic film, I thought I'd weigh in: "M.I.A." was made for the same audience that all overdone, action-packed, unreal, B-films are, AND for the same purpose--pure entertainment. I'm no mind-reader but the people watching "M.I.A" aren't doing it for a serious understanding of past social and political issues or controversies. They're watching it to see guys get beaten up with karate moves or shot up by M-60s, or to see completely naked women make total asses out of themselves by dancing around or strutting their stuff. I pity those who use their review of this film to make some grand, anti-American political statement. If you know what Norris flicks are like and you can't stand them, why the Hell did you pop this one in!?

Reviewed by ladulaser 10 / 10

Well, if you like action flicks...

SPOILER ALERT! Further down, I will reveal what I thought was the most funny parts of this movie, including stuff from the ending!

I would like to start off with introducing myself as a fan of Chuck Norris. Although (or perhaps, just because) I'm a member of Mensa and have just recieved a bachelor's degree in computer networking, I enjoy to sometimes just put the whole intellectual/elitist attitude behind me and dive into a macho B-action from the 80's starring people like Chuck Norris, Steven Segall, Charles Bronson, Dolph Lundgren or Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The mid-80's was the age of bazookas, M16s and M60s, and the heroes were super-heroes who could stand how much punishment as imaginable by the director, just as long as they stayed focused on getting to the goal. 10 years later it became more popular to depict action with a somewhat deeper touch of realism, often performed by people acting as elite troopers with M4s and M249s (weapons which are "successors" of the classical M16 and the M60). I like both decade's action movies, but the mid-80's action has the power of nostalgia...

After having heard a lot about this particular movie from several friends in my class at college - who were also into B-actions - I decided to dedicate a couple of hours trying to find it. Since the DVD version of this movie probably hasn't been printed in too many copies, there were no DivXs available anywhere. So I settled out to do what I should've done from the beginning - supporting one of my favorite action heroes by buying his stuff! I mean, Chuck doesn't seem like the gazillonare-type actor that you see in Sylvester Stallone :)

So finally, the day before yesterday, tuesday 2002-03-12, I found it at Mega Skivakademien, Stockholm's largest (?) record/video store in the very heart of the capital kernel. It was on sale, too! Only 99 swedish kronas (less than ten bucks) for 1 hour and 52 minutes of brainless entertainment!

So I watched it, and what did I like? These are the things i remember and will carry with me until I become old and senile (or maybe turn psycho after having watched too many B-actions from the 80's):

1. The sunglasses Chuck wear at the diplomatic meeting in Vietnam! Brown-to-transparent fade, and they are HUGE!

2. Chuck's attack-raft... Its potons are made out of kevlar and therefore it is regarded as bullet-proof! It can take fire from an AK-47 Kalasjnikov without being punctured! Brilliant! :D

3. After the vietcong have sunk the attack-raft with a rocket launcher and stand laughing at their typical Pacific-Rim-fishing-boat-ish boat, Chuck surfaces with the M60 from the raft that he seems to have dismounted at swimmed up with (those things weigh in at... Like... 30 pounds!) and finished off all three of them in one sweep! Is he cool or what...

4. When Chuck returns home with the POWs at the very end of the movie and enters the hotel where the diplomatic conference is held with an american MIA soldier under his right arm, the movie is abruptly ended and the aftertexts starts scrolling up. Now THAT'S a Norris movie in a nutshell... No bull to be found there! :)

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