Molly Maxwell


Drama / Romance

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Krista Bridges as Marilyn Maxwell
Charlie Carrick as Ben Carter
Lola Tash as Molly Maxwell
Rob Stewart as Evan Maxwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 8 / 10

Would be just another Lolita if not for the fantastic cast, and amazing lead.

The other good little Canadian movie. I am really tired of every other movie having to be a Lolita story, but this one is told quite well, and almost avoids becoming creepy, and wrong. There is a point very early in this movie that you see the who, and you see the what, it is just such a shame that a movie starting out in such a unique way had to just go that route. I was really impressed with the development of Molly, and in a few short months Lola Tash playing Molly truly shows a lot of growth, and demonstrates a real understanding for the character that she is playing. The relationship though wrong, is easily believable, and all of the acting in this movie really is strong. There was nothing other than the creepy scenes that no person of responsibility for another in this day and age should ever let themselves end up in that I did not Enjoy, and I really do recommend this movie all day. My only warning is that parents really might want to decide when this movie is OK for kids to see as there are strong views about sex that should not be up to the movies to teach them. Otherwise for anyone past the point of saving then this movie is a really good, well acted piece that resolves nicely, and does not feel the need to punish everyone.

Reviewed by Tamara Deverell 9 / 10

Molly Maxwell is a new feature film about a girl, her teacher and being extraordinary.

A great Indie film that tells a very real story in a touching and unique way. This film deals with student/teacher relationships and everything about growing up and falling in love. Molly Maxwell is just your average precocious teenage girl... sort of. Her world opens up when she becomes just a little too close to a favorite new teacher at the alternative high school that she attends. In order to complete her requirements at school, Molly is forced to pick an extra-curricular elective, she chooses photography and arranges for her adviser to be the young and attractive English teacher. An innocent relationship quickly becomes an uncomfortable and forbidden romance. Actors, Lola Tash and Charlie Carrick, give excellent performances, showing a real chemistry on the screen. Dealing with growing pains of young love, forbidden fruit and awkward side of parenting, Molly takes us on a sexy, loopy, sometimes awkward and often amusing, ride.

Reviewed by MongoLloyd 5 / 10

Surprisingly engaging

I have to admit I almost bailed on this film in the first 10 minutes or so due to a distaste of teenage shenanigans, but it turned out to be a nice little film with a great lead who I've never seen before. Lola Tash owned the role and it's refreshing to see characters and events depicted in a contemporary film story of this kind that aren't rendered as sitcom cartoon characters. I doubt this film will set any box office records any time soon (in part due to a lack of "names" in acting roles) but it's very well made and has the all important great ending that makes nice moves better. If anyone is wondering where to get a hold of it, rest assured - it's out there if you look. Watch it with someone :-)

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