Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
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Kellan Lutz as Mark
Jamie Bamber as John
Jess Weixler as Sylvia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darrylmrl 6 / 10

Movie fails miserably in its ending

Gave this movie a 6 - as it executed very well throughout the main story - however it's ending has more flaws than the Pontiac Aztec. I have a huge issue with giving high marks to a movie that just can't execute on its landing. In the words of Teddy KGB - just like a young man coming in for a quickie ... I feel so unsatisfied. What is satisfying though is watching Jamie Bamber execute a Christian Bale like performance for his character John (a Patrick Bateman like character). A very well educated psychopath who's out to take what's his at whatever the cost. Christian Bale would be proud of Bamber's performance. Bamber was the MVP of this movie without question. The other actors could've been played by anybody and it wouldn't of mattered much. The most disappointing turn of events that didn't sit right with me -- was the wife's actions near the end of the movie. I won't spoil it - but you end up being betrayed by all the previous character development that had taken place. Maybe the moral of the story is that you really never know anybody?

Reviewed by pgmfff 10 / 10

Tension and intrigue from beginning to end

A captivating tape. It catches you from the beginning and leaves you breathless until the end. With a simple but very effective staging the stage becomes a character of the plot. What stars out as a quiet situation is gradually becoming a succession of turns that rises up the temperature of the film; with a couple of memorable scenes that will remain in the retina after the viewing. Very sharp dialogues, that they will introduce you little by little in the plot until discover who is who, and that motivates to each of the characters. Very successful actors, especially noteworthy is the work of Jamie Bamber and Jess Weiner. Definitely a great movie that will surely catch you. I bet there will be great success for its director Martin Rosete.

Reviewed by ricarnell 8 / 10

Absolutely Loved It!

I really didn't expect a lot from this film, having Googled the reviews, but it caught my attention from the get go. Not familiar with Bamber's work, but will be looking for more from him. Kept my attention for the duration & loved the ending. Highly recommend this film. Ranks way up there with the Thriller genre. A previous reviewer suggested that this was perfect for Christian Bale. Agreed. The other actors could have been anyone but acceptable for this assignment. Didn't really see the connection with the father in the opening scenes, but essential for the ending I suppose. Loved the interaction with the scorned wife & the psychopath while waiting for the safe to open.

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