Moondance Alexander


Action / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 994


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Lori Loughlin as Gelsey Alexander
Don Johnson as Dante Longpre
Kay Panabaker as Moondance Alexander
Landon Liboiron as Freddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by orlandoblooms-140-414927 1 / 10


This movie is ridiculous. 1 I have seen Pinto COLORED horses in the Hunter Ring. Not all hunters are Thoroughbreds. You need better trainers too! Heels were not down and they consistently hit the horses in their mouth with the bit by not releasing their hands over the fences. They didn't go into two point, were not moving with the horses' head at the canter and even locked up their arms when coming into the fence. The main character wasn't on the correct diagonal when trotting either. By the way there's no way someone is going to learn and show a 3ft hunter course in 1 mth without having any jumping experience. That's utter nonsense. Get better trainers the next time you wish to produce a horse movie like this so you can get the actors better equitation. Also rubber boots would not be allowed in a hunter ring either since they are not acceptable show boots. They're muck/field boots. She would not have won with those on since they get judged on appearance as well as equitation.

Reviewed by clearthinkernow 5 / 10

Beautiful movie and story, weak script

Loved the look of the movie, beautiful shots, wonderful characters, actors seemed fine. I'm not much of a horse person, so with me that doesn't carry the movie. Movie was the right length, not too long. The script was just so poorly written, I'd find myself wincing at the dialog. Character names were strange also (Gelsey, Moondance?), as if the author was "putting on airs". The makeup on the young actress bothered me also. First, she's a child and second, she's working in a stable and riding a horse. Those aren't activities where someone would normally be so made up and certainly not a child. If you're looking for a family movie with an interesting story (based on a true story), maybe about second chances, then this would be a good pick.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

A Pinto Named After Nixon's Dog

It's the start of summer. Moondance Alexander (Kay Panabaker) is the school outcast whose yearbook nobody wants to sign. She talks to her father's grave. Her eccentric artist mother Gelsey (Lori Loughlin) doesn't really understand. Then she finds a horse by the side of the road and names him Checkers. The horse is returned to Tumbleweed Stables and the grumpy Dante Longpre (Don Johnson). The horse is actually named Tinkerbell. Moondance exchanges work for riding the horse. All the girls are mean but popular Josh might just like her especially when Josh's dad starts dating Moondance's mom. Moondance thinks Checkers might be a good jumper and enters her into the Bow Valley Classic against all the mean girls.

This is a super sweet unsurprising cliché-filled family movie. I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that as long as it's done well. Don Johnson has the grumpy weary guy well in hand. Lori Loughlin could have been more flaky. At least she doesn't really fit the part. It's the super cute Kay Panabaker that makes this work. She's all hyper energy and willful joy. She is spunky enough to fill the whole movie with her energy. She is also a good enough actress to do the emotional moments too.

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