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Kate Mara as Lee Weathers
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Jennifer Jason Leigh as Dr. Kathy Grieff
Boyd Holbrook as Skip Vronsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BB 7 / 10

Good movie - worth watching

After reading many of the reviews (good and bad), I have decided that until IMDb offers the service to select favourite reviewers, that this will be the last review I write. I do this because there are reviewers who wouldn't know a phone was up their rear end, even if it rang. But I retire mainly because there are reviewers who just don't have my tastes in movies, and there are those that do. I only want to read the reviews of those that like most of the films I like. Then if the majority of them say a movie is OK, it is likely I will agree. And vica versa. Therefore I am wasting my time writing reviews for people who don't have my tastes in movies.

This is a very good film - period. By all and any measures. The direction is exactly what needed to be done for this movie - the acting is very good - and the sound is also right. This is not a movie for a star to grace the stage with their brilliance (or several) - it is a solid example of the craft of 'old school' suspense/action movies.

It is clear from watching this movie after reading many reviews, that this is far too 'intelligent' a movie for many reviewers. There is a level of understanding that requires the viewer to think. I guess too many Marvel action movies have dumbed them down, and made them demand clear and concise sequencing and plot development.

Over and out - until I can read the reviews of my favourite reviewers.

Reviewed by RenCatReviews 4 / 10

Conventional and boring.

As I watched 'Morgan' something became fairly obvious to me. This movie wanted to be 'Ex Machina' really bad. It's set in a remote location with a small cast. All of which are attempting to study a new form of human. Unlike 'Ex Machina' this film doesn't have any social or political commentary. Instead, this film has a twist ending that anyone could see coming from a mile away. Mainly, the film is about a young girl named Morgan that is a kind of superhuman. She has muddled powers and ages far more rapidly than any other human being. But, after an accident, a corporate consultant comes in to determine if the project can continue.

The plot picks up as Kate Mara, the consultant, comes into the compound. She meets the workers and learns more about the situation. The one thing that worked really well for me was Kate Mara. Her performance was spot on for the character that she played. She may not have been the most involving protagonist, but what was odd is that she was meant to be that way.

She was meant to play this odd, stone cold person and she did a great job. Other than her there were only one or two other good performances. Boyd Holbrook was the only other actor in the film that was great. Unfortunately, his character, Skip, doesn't get the screen that he deserved. Yet, he made the most of the time that he got.

The only other thing that I can say impressed me was the camera work. Most of the interior shots were more or less close ups and that got a bit tiresome but everything else looked fantastic. The outdoor shots, the flashbacks, almost everything looked excellent. It was shot and colored to help you get more into the scene. And, even better, the camera was used a few times to give neat foreshadowing.

Which was subtly used to help allude to things to come. All of that worked very well. Where this film falls apart is basically everywhere else. The story especially suffers. This mainly stems from the lack of compelling main characters. The film tries very hard to create sympathy for both the humans and the super girl. But it doesn't let you learn much about them or them motivations.

Instead, they act completely irrationally for the entirety of the film. Like, this super girl stabbed a ladies eye out and murdered another guy and the scientists still try to protect her. I mean, the lady that lost her eye was one of them. Do they all seriously think that she won't kill them too? It's this irrational behavior that stops the film from being anything remotely interesting.

You are constantly pounding your face against the wall. It also doesn't help that this type of story has been done thousands of times over. An alien of some kind is grown in a lab and it escapes and wreaks havoc. There's nothing new about his story and the film doesn't really do much to subvert that same story. Aside from it's "twist" there isn't anything new.

Putting aside the dull, exposition-heavy story line, the most obnoxious thing about this film is the music. It's sometimes this strange electronic pop, techno sounding garbage and other times it's the old cut and paste stuff you hear in every movie. You get the "scary" violin stuff and the loud action music but these are both overshadowed by the sympathy music that plays almost every time Morgan is on screen. Instead of giving her a relatable persona, they just play this cheesy dumb song over the top.

Outside of the excellent cinematography and solid performances, this film is nothing new. Its soundtrack is obnoxious, the characters two dimensional, and the story is the same thing you see with every film like this. It's a lazy excuse for a movie. If you've seen anything that remotely sounds like this then you've already seen this movie. So, instead of seeing this, just go watch that other thing you saw.​

Reviewed by hlcajc 6 / 10

Had the right ideas but lacked the right amount of spark

Before anyone reads this, I am glad to read that some movie goers found the movie great. However, this is just my personal take when I saw this film.

Without going into too much detail about what this film entails, I felt as though there were a few moments in the film which could have been better.

1/ The ending was slightly disappointing... and for those who do not understand why then I am sure it will become clear in the end. I just expected more.

2/ I felt as though more connection was needed between Morgan and the audience. I found the clips of her as a child sweet and warming. I even felt sympathy towards her after she had attacked her first and second victims. However, in the end I felt as though I lacked sympathy for her character, after she became more and more out of hand. This also ties into the first point to do with the ending. I was expecting to be moved, riveted. But instead I felt a mixture of "Really... after all that, that's how it ended?", along with a sense of the lack of what I felt was emotion.

3/ I wanted to understand more about why and how the members of staff loved her so much. OK, she was special - but why did they love her the way they did, even after it became clear that she was starting to become dangerous? Why didn't one of them even question themselves over how out of hand things were getting?

Just a couple of points. Apart from that, the film was good enough to hold the majority of my attention throughout and definitely had the potential to be very, very good indeed. Credit where it is due, the film's intentions did seem surprisingly in the right place, but certainly more spark... more depth was needed.

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