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Kate Mara as Lee Weathers
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Jennifer Jason Leigh as Dr. Kathy Grieff
Boyd Holbrook as Skip Vronsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NDbportmanfan 7 / 10

An Entertaining Movie, Though It Feels Very Familiar

Morgan is about a risk management consultant having to decide whether or not the current artificial intelligence project should continue or be terminated. Lee Weathers shadows the scientists to see how they work with Morgan and her responses in preparation for the real psychic-evaluation the next day.

I felt the story to be compelling with some minor plot holes that I chose to ignore as the overall experience was worth it. I enjoyed all of the characters and their personal relationships with Morgan as they really presented the family vibe. The pacing was good as it had plenty of time to introduce the characters and make them relatable to the audience. The movie is set at a slower pace so don't expect a lot of action or real horror elements which were kind of advertised.

The movie features Anya Taylor-Joy as Morgan who really owns the role. I really believe the way she is going she will become a house hold name before too long. She reminds me of a younger Jennifer Lawrence but with better range as an actress. Kate Mara also shines as the lead character which is nice to see after the fail of a movie that was the Fantastic Four.

I would rate this a little higher if it were more original but sadly it is too much of a reminder of Blade Runner, and more recently Ex Machina. The latter two created an environment so unique to the sub genre while Morgan just feels like a rehash.

Morgan is still a good movie and worth a watch, but don't expect them to rewrite the book. Also it is a good movie to get everyone excited for Blade Runner sequel in 2017 if anything else.

Reviewed by bankofmarquis 5 / 10

A swing and a miss

The advertisements MORGAN ended with the question "What is Morgan"?

After seeing this film, my answer is "I don't care"!

MORGAN is the story of what happens when man tries to create artificial life. Much like the superior EX MACHINA, it grapples with issues of whether Morgan is a person, or a thing and should man do this. Unfortunately, it grapples with these issues much like I grapple with getting the top off a jar of pickles - clumsily.

Director Luke Scott (son of Ridley) assembles a strong cast that is, quite frankly, wasted. Kate Mara stars as "Corporate Risk Management Consultant" Lee Weathers who has come to assess the Morgan "project" at a remote research facility (are there any other kind?) - is mysterious and quiet, too much so in fact. I was immediately aware of the telegraphing of "something's up with her" from the get go. Mara (and/or the director) could have benefited from being more subtle with her character.

The usually reliable Toby Jones plays one note as the lead Scientist on the project and the great Michelle Yeoh continues her screen comeback in mediocre films (see my review of MECHANIC RESURRECTION) as another scientist who is there to, I think, mumble the line "We're not going to repeat the mistakes of Helsinki" over and over again. Only Rose Leslie's behavioral psychologist gets to play some range, but her character, who is supposed to be an expert in her field, does some really dumb things.

Add to that 2 actors who, I am assuming, got paid VERY WELL for being in this film. Jennifer Jason Leigh follows up her Oscar- nominated turn in THE HATEFUL EIGHT with this role that she - quite literally - sleeps through for most of the film. Perhaps, she had a juicy scene left on the cutting room floor or perhaps she owed Luke's dad a favor, but this was a NOTHING role that, quite frankly, she brought nothing to.

And then there is our old pal, Paul Giamatti. Mr. Giamatti can be a very fine, nuanced actor. He can also chew the scenery with the best of them - and chew scenery he does. He is in only one scene in this film (though the previews make him look like a major player) and I think director Scott kept saying to him "Bigger...BIGGER!" and bigger he went. To be honest, I was getting a little bored of this movie before Giamatti showed up, so, at least, he pumped some life and energy in this film.

Finally, there is the performance of Anya Taylor-Joy as Morgan. Taylor-Joy is being hailed as an "up and coming" actress for her performances in last springs THE VVITCH and this film. I saw them both and if your definition of "up and coming actress" is playing blank stares and not saying much, then she's your gal. I gotta see more from her before I declare her "the next big thing".

Truly disappointed in this one. If you want to see a film grappling with the issues of man creating Artificial Life, then see EX MACHINA, if you want to see a brand new filmmaker taking a swing and a miss and wasting some good talent, see MORGAN.

5 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (of Marquis)

Reviewed by BB 7 / 10

Good movie - worth watching

After reading many of the reviews (good and bad), I have decided that until IMDb offers the service to select favourite reviewers, that this will be the last review I write. I do this because there are reviewers who wouldn't know a phone was up their rear end, even if it rang. But I retire mainly because there are reviewers who just don't have my tastes in movies, and there are those that do. I only want to read the reviews of those that like most of the films I like. Then if the majority of them say a movie is OK, it is likely I will agree. And vica versa. Therefore I am wasting my time writing reviews for people who don't have my tastes in movies.

This is a very good film - period. By all and any measures. The direction is exactly what needed to be done for this movie - the acting is very good - and the sound is also right. This is not a movie for a star to grace the stage with their brilliance (or several) - it is a solid example of the craft of 'old school' suspense/action movies.

It is clear from watching this movie after reading many reviews, that this is far too 'intelligent' a movie for many reviewers. There is a level of understanding that requires the viewer to think. I guess too many Marvel action movies have dumbed them down, and made them demand clear and concise sequencing and plot development.

Over and out - until I can read the reviews of my favourite reviewers.

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