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Gunnar Hansen as Earl the Bankrobber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lordzedd-3 8 / 10

Old Fanshion Fun

Okay first let's deal with the so-called fact. "Factual errors: An oft-quoted rule of nature states that for an animal's increase in size, the weight increases by the cube of the increase while surface area only increases by the square. This means that neither the mosquitoes' legs nor their wings would be able to support them or let them fly. They would be helpless, trapped on the ground." That is not always true. Since these creatures are mutations open-minded scientist theorize that along with their size, the animal or insect's molecular density would also increase. Ergo, they would be stronger then a normal size bug that just "got bigger". Anyway, about the story, it's good old fashion fun, the characters are well written, the effects are totally assume. The story works, even though they never did find out why the craft crashed? Oh well, I liked the story; the cast did a great job and all and all, a great movie. I give it 8 STARS!

Reviewed by Cletus Redhorse 10 / 10

damn good film about GIANT MOSQUITOS

thisfilm is damn fun ain nobody tell you diffrint! i saw it on TV on night yeres ago in i loved it ever sense. it takes plase in some county in some guys get attacked by giant mosquitoes! giant mosquitoes thats Right giant mosquito. i ain't liying but its good. the FX are real good, they look like actaul giant mosquitoes were capcherd by the filmmakers in used in th movie. the action seens are real good to. one seen, a RV gets flipped over. one seen, a guy gets attacked by a giant mosquito in his iballs pop out in it looks real!. great movie!!! go see it now. but one miner complained...the black guys lives! he shod have dyed but Orwell. theirs a guy in the film named Gunner Hensan in hes real good! he plays a bad guy but hes the guy i root for every time i see mosquito. how the heck dues this have a 4.1 it shod have a 10 flat because this film is that good! hope i convince you that the film is that good go buy it! i riped the movie of of TV on VHS tape so Im lucky. thanks for reeding my review bye!

Reviewed by Werewolfy ([email protected]) 7 / 10

"Haven't held one of these babies in 20 years!"

Jippie, the first movie I comment!

Anyways, this was one baaaaaad bad movie, in fact it was so hilariously bad it just cracked me up and I thought it was good! Okay the beginning is pretty slow. This had some poor acting too but what can you expect? I actually rented this movie because it stood in the news section, it had just been released on DVD, don't know what the crap it was doing in the news section. The first 30 minutes I regretted renting it but after a while it became very entertaining to watch in all of it's marvelous crappyness.

So what we got here is basically mutated mosquito's that sucked the blood of an alien that crashed into their swamp. These bastards are huge and they suck humans dry, even makes their eyes pop out! So we got this small gang of people, running, hiding, and fighting these things. A plus on this movie is that one of them is none other than good old Gunnar Hansen, better known as "Leatherface" from 1974's "Texas chainsaw massacre". He even makes a very goofy, incredibly bold reference to his old days as leatherface by grabbing a really huge chainsaw to fight mosquito's with, saying "I haven't held one of these babies in 20 years!" The mosquito's though are a bit of a gag, looks kind of plastic, though they could have been worse... I guess they are acceptable. Anytime the camera follows a mosquito if we look closely, we can see the wire it's hanging from, though this happens a lot in movies, even in some quality ones so we can't hold a grudge against this movie for that old mistake. Though when several mosquito's are seen chasing after the gang the effects are so poor, it's like 8 frames per second, tops, looks more like paper cut outs, flying across the screen, though more like lagging across the screen.

Also one thing in a scene that really astonished me. The main character couple stumbles upon a small boat that moves around. If I remember correctly you could hear mosquito buzzing from inside of it. So they lift it and it turns out to be a local park ranger instead. (WTF?)

One scene that had me cracking up was when the group hides underground and the black guy (my favorite character except for Gunnar) mentions he was in nam, to which Gunnar responds him too. Then the young guy hasn't really got anything so he just says "Yeah well I was in the boy-scouts!" To this comments everyone actually starts laughing in the movie! It's completely unsuiting, but it was actually kind of fun, one of the funniest things in this movie actually. I don't know, maybe I was exaggerating a bit, rating this a 7, but it's just because it's so damn funny to me! It's worth a look if you enjoy watching B-flicks.

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