Mr Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bcrox5 6 / 10

Just too much. Something was off.

The superlatives never stop. The stories are all just a little to perfect be believable. Several of the interviewees appeared to be reciting from a script. For several, it didn't feel like it came from the heart.

There is absolutely no insight into his life outside of playing an instrument and singing (he seems to live like some kind of immortal musical hermit in his mansion above the city).

I couldn't shake the feeling that this was just one gigantic narcissism project by the subject himself. Which by the way culminates in a digitally created jam session with the subject playing all the parts (not very subtle).

All that aside, the music is excellent and was a joy to hear. I would have preferred fewer awkward interviews and simply more of the tunes. If you are a music geek; you will certainly envy his home and lifestyle.

Reviewed by Pete Alen 6 / 10

Great, but I would have liked to get just a little beneath the skin

The part of the title "The story of Jeff Lynne" does not describe the film very precisely.

I have always seen Jeff as probably a very nice and very reserved person and that impression only grew stronger by this movie which in essence does not really tell much anything about Jeff as a person. It's about "Jeff, the songwriter-producer and some comments about working with him". That is the reason I felt it honest to take off some stars from the rating. Music-wise it's what everyone knows: Doen't get sweeter than what Jeff's done in his musical area , 10/10. But the storytelling in this movie is the usual documentary patting on the back kind of thing while it oddly enough leaves out a huge portion of ELO and the members of ELO and Jeff's family-/personal-/emotional life is left out of the equation.

It is definitely worth a watch and will be very enjoyable for people who either know his music or in general like old school melodic music.

Reviewed by panta-4 6 / 10

Not an ELO documentary at all.

This documentary written and directed by Martyn Atkins was about Jeff Lynne, and it was all about praising him. It is not that the man doesn't deserve praises, but that was all the are was. It was nice at the beginning but very soon an hour and twenty minutes become too long. It was very informative but there was nothing artistic in it from a film-making point... dry and uneventful, with good music which somehow finished there on its own, disconnected from anything happening on the screen.

I gave it a positive score for only one reason, Jeff Lynne! There was almost nothing about ELO (if we exclude the title), and nothing about REAL Jeff Lynne. Missed opportunity to make it big!

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