Mr. Church


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Britt Robertson as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 8 / 10

Wow! When was the last time Eddie Murphy was in a movie this good!?

I went to my local theater and saw a poster for Mr. Church, with Eddie Murphy's face as big as day on it. Never even herd of this movie and the lack of campaigning from anywhere was strange for me as I sill feel Murphy has that movie star status, but he chooses to do this very quiet under the radar film, that's totally worth seeing.

It's a story told by Charlotte Brooks, a young girl living with her mother, who had a relationship with a married man and got written into his will, that a cook, played by Murphy would prepare meals for her until she dies, which was supposed to be in six mouths do to breast cancer but ended up being way longer and the experience would create a lifelong friendship for all evolved.

Very heart pulling motion picture about the type of friendships that you make with certain people that make them family.

Eddie Murphy picked real good with this one. He could have some new legs in his career if he plays his cards right. After all, Sam Jackson and Morgan Freeman are not getting any younger, and Hollywood will be looking for someone to take their place.

It's definitely a departure greatly from what you expect from Murphy. Not the adult laughs of Beverly Hills Cop or the family get together of the Nutty Professor. Murphy might be on the poster but he takes the role of supporting Britt Roberson as she tells Charlotte Brooks story, but his performance is not phoned in at all, showcasing the magic that made him a force worth seeing back in the day.

I'm very impress as I did not think I would get an amazing film out of Mr. Church.

Reviewed by kchantung 10 / 10

Mr Church is a MUST SEE!

Mr Church was a phenomenal film. Eddie Murphy delivers an Oscar worthy performance and almost certainly will win a Golden Globe. Well paced, written, and acted, this movie will captivate you from beginning to end. Although its predictable, the movie evokes the perfect amount of emotion to visualize the best parts of life's journey. Mr Church is a must see and should not be Ediie Murphy's last serious film role. Britt Robertson is always lovely and is an excellent actress with award winning performances in her future. Perfect start to the Fall film season with this masterful performance by Murphy. His on screen chemistry with Robertson is palpable and the evolution of their relationship over time is heart warming and leaves you wishing we all had a Mr Church in our lives.

Reviewed by Fredic-186-200054 10 / 10

Run don't walk you don't want to miss Eddie Murphy as Mr Church

Eddie Murphy is excellent as Mr Church he is Mr. Church! A heartwarming film that captured my attention from the opening scene to the last Closing scene. . Many a tear will be shed while watching this film, and yet it warms your heart throughout. If you have a love of food and any understanding of what it means to a person who cares about ingredients, how they put them together to create a meal for a family and then watch them enjoy that meal this movie will have your mouth watering. I was starving after the film. The musical score, Jazz in the background added a big plus to the film overall. The casting was superb, the film beautifully shot. A rare movie to enjoy in today's world.

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