Mr. Church


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
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Britt Robertson as Charlie
Eddie Murphy as Henry Church
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kenfromcanada 7 / 10

Yes - a good movie, actually - a VERY good movie

I guess I have come full circle when it comes to Eddie Murphy movies. It was 1984, I was a newly wed and Eddie was a slightly racy movie star, but, perfect for a couples evening at the cinema! And we cried with laughter. I would never have believed that some 30 plus years later I would be watching an Eddie Murphy movie and crying in a different way. This is a fairly simple movie, easy to follow, no special effects, just the type of movie Hollywood used to do so well. I guess there is still hope. Along with Eddie there are a couple of known actors,no spoiler alert - but Eddie has aged very well! Full circle - I watch movies on my own now..

Reviewed by lavatch 5 / 10

Mr. Murphy is Memorable in Implausible Sobstory

In this "sobstory," Eddie Murphy delivers a memorable performance as the quiet and deferential Henry Church, a man who is retained as a cook for a woman dying of cancer.

The former lover of the woman left a bequest in his will for Mr. Church's services as a cook for a six-month period. However, woman battles the cancer for years, instead of months, and Mr. Church dutifully carries out his chores, becoming more and more attached to the woman and her little daughter. With the final passing of the woman, Mr. Church then takes on the role of cooking and carrying for the daughter, after she becomes pregnant. In time, the new baby arrives, and it is clear that Mr. Church is now catering to a third generation of single women.

While the bonus section of the DVD indicated that "Mr. Church" was based on a true story, the film itself was wildly implausible. The utterly selfless nature of Henry Church's character stretched credibility beyond the pale. It was also disappointing that the true story of Mr. Church's private life was never fully revealed. The viewer learns only that he was a piano player in a jazz club and that he had a troubled relationship with his father.

Murphy is great in the role of Henry Church, and Britt Robertson turns in an excellent performance as the daughter. The film delivers some memorable and empathetic moments. Still, the filmmakers never explain how or why Mr. Church could support three generations of women and what kind of a "family" environment he really enjoyed in their company. The women undoubtedly adored his doting. But the viewer looking at the film from the perspective of Mr. Church has to wonder what on earth he is getting out of the relationships.

In the end, there are too many unanswered and troubling questions about the unorthodox American "family," as depicted in this film.

Reviewed by sheldog-57864 10 / 10

Excellent movie

I am so sad that this movie hasn't been advertised like other movies. I happen to find it on a whim. In this crazy world, this movie helps you remember that there are still good people who truly care, who are selfless. Eddie Murphy deserves an Oscar and so does the movie. I wasn't familiar with the young lady who acted with him. The character Charlotte

showed acceptance, love, hope and friendship. What a true friend really is and should be. This movie sees past racial lines and shows love. Best movie I have seen this year. It pulls at your heart strings. It is a must see.

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