Mr. Jones


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Diane Neal as The Scholar
Sarah Jones as Penny
Faran Tahir as The Anthropologist
Jon Foster as Scott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael_Takes 6 / 10

Interesting and entertaining but not quiet a great film

I am writing this after watching Mr Jones. I don't write many reviews, only about a dozen in a few years and only when something really interests me. Mr Jones falls into this category.

To begin with I found the introduction a little thin. A guy wants to create a nature documentary so uproots his life and with his girlfriend they go into some rural wilderness. So lets assume that they have the money to do this.... then what? There is no mention of a pending deal with a film distributer, and from what I can tell the 'wilderness' is not really wild; there is hardly anything that warrants a nature doco. And his girlfriend Penny is really going to put of her photography dreams for this!? As I said, thin.

We learn that the Scott is on 'meds' which he decides he doesn't want to take while out there, which causes him to become sullen and lazy, and his documentary falters.... until one day whilst filming some one dressed in what looks like black robes takes his bag and runs off. Does Scott chase him? Sure, but he has to get his girlfriend first! Together they break into the house of this person who after looking at some of his 'art' Penny identifies (without a doubt) that the person is the infamous and illusive Mr Jones, an mysterious artist from the 70's who created dozens of pieces and mails them to different people around the world.

Of course Scott believes her and takes off for NYC to interview a number of people with some knowledge of Mr Jones. Must be great being rich! Of course he leaves Penny there alone. I know I would knowing there is a strange man wondering around who makes strange 'art' and has already stolen from them, and knows they were in his basement.

From here the movie turns. The best way to describe it would be to possess the body of some one having an acid trip. Though experiences and those of others it is expressed that the art are Totems or Talismans and for some reason the characters who are sent the art start experiencing bizarre images and dreams. Wont say more as it would give away to much. The best comparison would be yellowbrickroad.

Premise aside the movie is quiet decent. The character of Penny is much easier to watch and care for then Scott who comes across as a pretentious selfish prat. The tone and atmosphere presented is very successful and I was brought into the movie. The overall direction is convoluted and a straight out film may have worked better then the handycam nonsense that hasn't worked for me since the The Last Exorcist (though Paranormal Activity 5 is a guilty pleasure).

Overall I give this film a 6.

Reviewed by Alain Kapel 5 / 10

Not as good as I hoped it would be

Mr. Jones is a relatively fresh take on the found footage format, with an intriguing premise which involves the occult and has a Lovecraftian vibe to it.

As a horror fan, I was at least hoping for something interesting, if not scary ('cause I think found footage films lost their touch a while ago). Unfortunately, the film fails to provide any thrills throughout its brief running time, and ends up being very annoying (especially in its second half).

Mr. Jones himself is probably the most interesting aspect of the film, and manages to build up a bit of tension with his appearance, but whenever he goes offscreen we're back to a flat, suspense-free movie. Both of the main characters were okay and acted quite well, but they were given very little backstory, thus ending up being unsympathetic. But hey, at least they weren't screaming all the time...

Another good thing about the movie is its somewhat captivating first half which is presented as a documentary about nature (though switches its main subject to mr. Jones when the main characters become aware of his presence). But the second half betrays its found footage format and turns into a trippy, nightmarish mess. It's an unwelcome change of pace because it tries too hard to scare and fails.

Anyway, if you're planning on watching it, lower your expectations considerably or you will be disappointed. If you don't like found footage horror films, or trippy experiences, then I suggest you skip it.

Reviewed by ersinkdotcom 2 / 10

Tiresome and annoying

Rarely do I ever finish watching a movie and truly wish I could regain the ninety or so minutes I spent taking it in. It takes a lot for me to completely write off a film. Unfortunately, Anchor Bay's "Mr. Jones" is one of those rare dead weights which cause me to flip the TV off in despair and regret. The only thing I can compare the experience to is watching paint dry or a form of Chinese water torture.

Scott and Penny move out to the wilderness in order to film a nature documentary. The two soon discover they're not as alone as they thought they were. While exploring the land they live on, the couple stumble upon a mysterious man living in seclusion. Could he be the eccentric artist known to the world as Mr. Jones? "Mr. Jones" is a hodge-podge of found footage and faux-interviews that quickly becomes tiresome and annoying. I really enjoyed Writer/Director Karl Mueller's work on the apocalyptic film "The Divide," but this movie is a true test in patience and endurance. I literally spent the last twenty minutes of the movie wondering where it was going storywise and how it could take sooo long to get there.

I would like to add that Mueller does provide some nice visual work through his influence on Director of Photography Matthew Rudenberg. While the images might shake around like they were shot during an earthquake, there's still a disturbing dynamic to them that could work if utilizing an actual mounted camera.

Jon Foster and Sara Jones play the lead characters of Scott and Penny. They do an admirable job of arguing with each other and running around in a panic from every noise and shadow that falls across their paths. The rest of the supporting cast is made up of actors from different television shows and movies carrying on about the enigmatic Mr. Jones.

A rating of PG-13 is given to "Mr. Jones" for terror, frightening images, a scene of sexuality, and brief language. There's no nudity to be found. Even though it says there's brief language, the "F" word is used at least once or twice.

"Mr. Jones" will no doubt find a cult following who enjoys its trying blend of "The Blair Witch Project," "Jeepers Creepers," and "Jacob's Ladder." I think most fans of the horror genre will be like me. They'll be cursing themselves for not finding a better way to spend the ninety minutes that slipped through your fingers while watching this. I think Director/Writer Karl Mueller has what it takes to put together an entertaining film, but this isn't it.

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