Mr. Majestyk


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Charles Bronson as Vince Majestyk
Al Lettieri as Frank Renda
Lee Purcell as Wiley
Linda Cristal as Nancy Chavez
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Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

"He Was Really Trying To Kill Me"

Mr. Majestyk is one of my favorite Charles Bronson action films. The plot which is a bit complex for an action film does not get in the way of any of the action. By the way Bronson whose real name was Buckinski must have been happy to play a person of Polish ancestry in this one, I believe it is one of the few times he did.

Bronson is Vincent Majestyk former army ranger who is now running a watermelon ranch. He's being squeezed by time because he needs to get his melons picked and to market in a matter of days and a local strong arm guy played by Paul Koslo tries to muscle him into hiring his crew.

Big mistake for Koslo, but not right then because he has sheriff Frank Maxwell arrest Bronson. While in jail Bronson also runs afoul of big time hit man Al Lettieri and when Lettieri finally escapes he's out to get him.

Bronson's willing to live and let live, but Lettieri crowds him and he's not given a choice. So he settles matters in the usual Bronson way.

Lettieri was really coming into his own during the early Seventies with villainous roles in The Godfather, The Getaway, and McQ. A year later the cinema lost him, a real tragedy because he was superb in any part he played.

Two women figure prominently in the proceedings. Linda Cristal who is an organizer for the United Farm Workers who Bronson aids and she in turn becomes pretty valuable to him. The second is Lee Purcell who plays a more modern version of a gangster moll from the Thirties.

Over 30 years since I first saw Mr. Majestyk in the theater and I still love the way Bronson turns from the hunted to the hunter.

Reviewed by Righty-Sock ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Bronson, an action-violence king!

Like Clint Eastwood, Bronson never had real success until he went to Europe in 1968... Then he hit, and hit big... In one year he becomes a star, and an action-violence king...

Bronson has a strong Slavic face, invisible slit eyes, a gently menacing smile-something like Jack Palance, but more humane...

Social themes are not the usual stuff of Bronson films, but in 'Mr. Majestyk,' he looks tough, yet manages to convey a sympathetic streak in the character he portrays...

He stars as a cool fighting loner who finds his efforts far to be carried out, and solves his problems with muscle and firearms - this time a formidable shotgun..

Vince Majestyk, a Colorado melon grower who haven't clipped his melons yet, gets trouble from a local racist labor racketeer Paul Koslo (Bobby Kopas) who attempts to force him to do business with him, using his crew rather than the hand-picked Chicano migrants he employed...

Majestyk straight advise to the unscrupulous punk is clear: Not to interfere... In this moment, Richard Fleisher's film looks as an action picture about labor and race troubles.... But the script twists it on throwing our genuine working man in prison on false charges...

Accidentally in the same jail is gangster Frank Renda (Al Lettieri).

When Renda's mafia associates stage a breakout for their boss, Majestyk seizes Frank and frustrates their carefully-schemed plan... He then offers to exchange the mafia thug for his own freedom... However, his own plan is ruined when Frank escapes from him, promising bloody revenge...

Al Lettieri, the ruthless hoodlum, is probably best known as Solozzo in "The Godfather," and as a loan shark in 'Rocky.'

Dragging along with Bronson, while he battles the mafia and cops, is Linda Cristal (Nancy Chavez), the beautiful Labor Organizer who provides all the necessary help to our hero... Nancy is quite clear with her Latin accent: 'If you want to go to bed with me, why don't you say so?'

If you like to watch the machine-gun slaughter of hundreds of defenseless watermelons, this is the movie to watch...

Reviewed by Mika Pykäläaho ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Two words: Bronson rules

Why do I love Charles Bronson when he is at his best? "Mr. Majestyk" alone gives about 103 minutes of good reason to do so. It's an excellent proof that Bronson really was the biggest action stars of cinema history and alongside with terrific classics like "Once upon a time in the west", "The Mechanic" and "Death wish" this is the film Bronson lovers will remember him by.

I love everything about this movie. I love the inventive action scenes, silly yet exciting story, the amusing baddies, Charles Bernstein's cool score and 53 year old Bronson's irresistible performance as the toughest melon farmer the world has ever seen. If you call yourself a Bronson fan and you haven't seen this you have to do something about it immediately or you can't watch yourself in a mirror.

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