Mr. Woodcock


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Amy Poehler as Maggie
Billy Bob Thornton as Jasper Woodcock
Ethan Suplee as Nedderman
Seann William Scott as John Farley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gregory Eichelberger 2 / 10

Pointless comedy with few laughs

I tried to think of funnier Billy Bob Thornton films than his latest tepid comedy, "Mr. Woodcock," and came up with the following: "Bad News Bears," "Ice Harvest," "Pushing Tin," "Friday Night Lights," "Bad Santa," "Monster's Ball" and "Sling Blade." Heck, even "Goodfellas and "Passion of the Christ" had more laughs than this pointless piece of dredge which takes the worst elements of "Meet the Parents" and "The Girl Most Likely To," although with none of the charm, intelligence or humor of these pictures.

After viewing this movie, however, I have a new-found respect for such comedic works as "R.V.," "Are We There/Done Yet?," "License To Wed," "Guess Who?," "Soul Plane," "King's Ranson," "My Baby's Daddy," "Little Man" and any of the "Scary Movie" versions.

So, I suppose the experience wasn't all terrible ...

Ah, but this film was. With two Academy Award-nominated lead actors (Thornton, nominated for "Sling Blade" in 1996, and Susan Sarandon, winner in 1995 for "Dead Man Walking") joining up with Seann William Scott ("American Pie," "Old School") one would think some snickers would result, but few come about.

The plot has Williams as John Farley (where's CHRIS Farley when we need him?), a successful self-help author, whose latest book, "Getting Past Your Past," is climbing the bestseller charts. This notoriety allows him to be honored by his small hometown in Nebraska.

Going back to receive the Corn County Key honor, his trip home only results in the depressing reality that his mother (Sarandon) will marry his old gym teacher, Mr. Woodcock (Thornton). Woodcock was not only an intense physical education instructor, but a sadist.

He humiliates, insults and verbally berates his students, throws balls at them, forces them to run laps and do push-ups as punishment, even those with asthma. But he saves his special vindictiveness for Farley, whom he delights in abusing - mentally and physically. He throws him to the ground repeatedly while teaching wrestling moves; and even forces him to undress and do pull-ups in front of the other students.

Now, if something like this REALLY took place, one of the pupils would have surely mentioned it to SOMEONE, and disciplinary action would have been taken against Woodcock. But, evidently, for over 20 years, no one has ever said anything bout this abuse, so the town decides to honor him as educator of the year - to be given at the same time as Farley's.

Also, everyone in the berg seems to love the old guy, while Farley's significant other, Tracy (Melissa Sagemiller, "The Guardian") admits to having a crush on him.

Meanwhile, dredging up all of those bad memories and combining them with the fact that the evil man is having sex with his mother, causes Farley to abandon his nice, passive, positive philosophy and do everything he can to bring Woodcock down. In this endeavor, he utilizes the aid of his extremely stupid friend, Nederman (Ethan Suplee, "My Name Is Earl"). In fact, the only likable character is Maggie (Amy Poehler, "SNL"), Farley's bitchy agent.

He challenges him to a workout contest, as well as a series of carnival midway games and even a corn-eating contest. None of these situations is even remotely funny in any way, shape or form. During its mercifully-short 90-minute run, I laughed just twice - once at the very beginning, and once at the very end.

That last guffaw was no doubt brought on by the delirium of the closeness of the closing credits, however. And longtime commercial director Craig Gillespie (in his film debut) doses out the "comedy" with large slices of schmaltz, as well as a muddled conclusion, leaving patrons wondering off to movies like "Death Sentence" and "The Brave One" to satisfy their urge to laugh.

Reviewed by Kristine ([email protected]) 7 / 10

Who hasn't had a Woodcock in their life? OK, that sounded gross

I was so excited to see Mr. Woodcock today, saw the matinée this morning and I have to say that Mr. Woodcock lived up to my expectations. It was a great comedy to watch and had a lot of fun laughs. I think the reason why I love this film so much is because I could totally relate to it, in junior high I was the fat kid and had the teacher who must have been the partner of Satan, he was evil. I've changed quite a bit since then, but I still think of that teacher every once in a while. So this was just such a good comedy for everyone who has had to deal with a gym teacher like Mr. Woodcock. The actors seemed to really enjoy themselves, it was cool seeing Sean William Scott out of his normal idiotic roles and into something where he just was a normal guy, he did good. Billy Bob Thorton couldn't have been a more perfect choice, he was terrific. Together they really made the story work and was actually believable.

John Farley is a very successful author of the book "Letting Go", a book on how to let go of a rough past and rebuild your life. He comes back home to surprise his mom and get a special award for his work, but he finds out his mom is dating someone he knows. Mr. Woodcock, the evil junior high gym teacher that made John's life a living hell; and it looks like Mr. Woodcock has not changed his ways when he starts to treat "Farley" the same way he did when he was a kid. But it looks like they have to get comfortable with each other since Mr. Woodcock is marrying John's mom.

The cast looked like they just had a great time. I know this story was extremely predictable, but it was all in good fun. I loved seeing John's character just loose it as the story continued. There were some really great laughs in the film, the scene that got me was definitely the pot hole scene, I'm not going to spoil it, but I guarantee you for sure that you'll get a huge laugh once you see it. Mr. Woodcock is a fun comedy that I recommend, Billy Bob is just an awesome Mr. Woodcock, he really made the movie into a blast.


Reviewed by Lindsay Smith (jigsawsXapprentice) 6 / 10

Not a total failure, but I think the trailer made promises it failed to keep.

I was pretty excited to see this movie because from what I saw it seemed really funny and I like Seann William Scott but I have to say I was sort of disappointed. Granted I went in expecting a funny stupid comedy but, it really wasn't all that funny. It seemed to me like they put all the funny scenes into the trailers and the rest of the movie was just filler. It's like they tried to be a really hilarious comedy but then towards the end they tried to take an emotional turn and by then I was pretty disappointed by the lack of hilarity that I didn't care anymore. And don't get me wrong, I did laugh, but I laughed at all the parts I had already seen in the trailers.

All in all, this movie wasn't a total failure, but I wouldn't bother watching it again.

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