Ms .45


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
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Abel Ferrara as 1st Rapist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Greensleeves 6 / 10

Vengeance is mine!

‘Ms. 45' is probably Abel Ferrara's masterpiece despite it's many flaws. It has originality, a great music score and it leaves an indelible impression for better or worse. When we first meet Thona (Zoe Tamerlis) we wonder why she is so quiet and it is only when one of her tormentors asks her why she doesn't speak that we realise it is because she *can't* speak. This is a shocking revelation and even more shocking is the fact that this demure looking girl becomes a cold blooded murderer. The photography captures late 70's New York to perfection, at all times of day and night. The pacing and editing are excellent leaving no time for any dull moments. The acting is perfect with the exception of the Landlady (Editta Sherman) who, despite being eccentric and amusing, is no actress. The climax is set at a fancy dress party and the ensuing mayhem when Zoe goes berserk is choreographed and filmed to great (almost hypnotic) effect.

Reviewed by Woodyanders ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Worthy of its cult status

Shy and mousy mute garment district worker Thana (a remarkably assured and nuanced performance by the lovely Zoe Tamerlis) gets raped twice in one day. After killing her second assailant with an iron, Thana takes possession of the man's .45 caliber gun and starts hitting the mean streets of New York on a mission to blow away every last sleazy no-count guy who crosses her lethal path. Director Abel Ferrara (who also has a chilling cameo as the first rapist) and screenwriter Nicholas St. John take the familiar vigilante premise and completely turn it on its ear by cleverly undermining basic exploitation audience expectations: the rape scenes aren't that graphic, there's no nudity to speak of, and all the men featured in this film are hateful and disgusting jerks who regularly prey on women in one way or another (Thana's victims include a street gang, a slimy fashion photographer, an abusive pimp, and even a rich Arab who cruises for babes to pick up in his limo). Moreover, this inspired cross between "Repulsion" and "Death Wish" reaches a stunning bloodbath climax at a Halloween costume party which Thana attends dressed as a nun. Tamerlis as Thana makes for a fascinatingly complex figure: While she nonchalantly offs numerous predatory dudes, she can't bring herself to kill her landlady's pesky dog. In an interesting touch, the initially plain and passive Thana becomes more increasingly alluring and aggressive throughout the course of the narrative. Edith Sherman as Thana's annoying and eccentric landlady Ms. Sherman gives one of the single most gloriously oddball performances ever committed to celluloid. Albert Sinkys contributes a deliciously smarmy turn as Thana's odious creep boss Albert and Jack Thibeau has a startling bit as a dejected fellow Thana picks up in a bar. James Lemmo's slick, gleaming cinematography gives the picture an attractive glossy look. Joe Delia's moody, jazzy score likewise does the funky trick (the piercing saxophone is especially gnarly). Done with tremendous crackling verve and an arresting sense of dazzling style, this highly impressive piece of ultra-kinetic low-budget indie film-making certainly lives up to its sizable cult reputation.

Reviewed by Infofreak 5 / 10

THE best exploitation movie of the 1980s!

The 1970s were THE decade for American exploitation movies with the likes of Roger Corman, Jack Hill, and Larry Cohen Jr creating some of the most entertaining trash ever made. For the most part the 1980s were a big let down in this department. Porkys-like sex comedies and awful buddy action movies and the like generally failed to reach the heights of the glory days of A.I.P. There were a few exceptions ('Chained Heat', 'Maniac' and 'The Exterminator' immediately spring to mind), and 'Ms.45 ' (a.k.a. 'Angel Of Vengeance') is in my mind THE single best exploitation movie of the decade. Abel Ferrara, who later made brilliant movies like 'Bad Lieutenant' and 'The Funeral', had previously made a porno movie and the infamous "video nasty" 'The Driller Killer' before this, which could well be the best rape revenge movie ever made. Ferrara's genius touch was the casting of the late Zoe Tamerlis. She is stunningly beautiful and her face is very expressive. Making her character mute makes the movie an unforgettable experience. It's really difficult trying to "sell" this stunning movie to someone. You'll either love it or you just won't "get it". I think it works very well as a post-'Death Wish' vigilante movie, but just as 'The Driller Killer' is more than "just" a slasher, this movie has a lot more to it, and that is almost completely down to Zoe Tamerlis. 'Ms. 45' might be b-grade trash to many, but it is uncompromised, something you very rarely see these days. I think it stands alongside 'Repo Man', 'Videodrome', 'Blue Velvet', 'The Evil Dead', 'The Ninth Configuration', 'Raising Arizona' and 'The King Of Comedy' as one of the most extraordinary movies released in a decade dominated by mediocre popcorn movies forced on viewers by Spielberg, Lucas, Hughes, Bruckheimer and Simpson.

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