Muppets from Space


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Music / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
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Katie Holmes as Joey Potter
Ray Liotta as Gate Guard
Joshua Jackson as Beach Scene
Rob Schneider as TV Producer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10

Tough To Beat Gonzo & Rizzo

Good special-effects, funny and likable characters and an interesting story all made this 1999 'Muppets In Space' movie much better than I anticipated.

This one featured more of Gonzo and Rizzo, my two favorite characters. The movie, in fact, centers around Gonzo. Miss Piggy played a lesser role than normal, which also pleased me.

A tiny bit too secular-liberal in parts but overall, not offensive and definitely entertaining. It looks great and sounds good on DVD, too.

Some have said this was the best of the Muppet films and perhaps that's true. I wouldn't argue.

Reviewed by arieliondotcom 3 / 10

That Noise You Hear

That noise you hear is Jim Henson turning in his grave. I agree with the other comments that this film is nothing like you expect a Muppets movie to be. Many more adult references than any other Muppet movie and a lot of scary stuff that I would not take a child to see. There are a lot more things that a child could misinterpret (including the very beginning of the movie which shows Noah of the Bible as a cruel man who leaves Gonzo to die because he's different. Although it's a "dream" sequence that Gonzo may have "misinterpreted", a child would not make that distinction but would rather associate Noah and the Bible with cruelty to a beloved friend.

Even the soundtrack ("Brick House", etc.) are not songs that seem appropriate for the age group for most Muppet audiences (or the children parents would bring).

The film may bring some chuckles to some adults, but I would never bring a child to see it.

All in all it is a very sad reminder that the original genius and charm of the Muppets is gone.

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138 5 / 10

Lacking Muppet movie.

There is not enough story but nevertheless the movie is enjoyable but it simply is also far from great.

I don't know why but for some reason the movie doesn't seem so much fun as the other Muppet movies. Maybe and probably it's because of the empty script that focuses too much on Gonzo and not enough on the fun feeling of the movie that all other Muppet movies do have.

Still the movie is highly enjoyable and it has some great comical moments that will at least put a smile on you face. And how could you not laugh at a Muppet movie with so many great, fun and weird characters. The ones that really steal the show in this movie are Pepe and Rentro but of course all the other Muppet characters are also more than funny and great.

Worth watching simply and only because of the Muppet characters and if you want to have some fun 84 minutes, otherwise you will end up only disappointed by this lacking movie.


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