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Finn Wittrock as Freddie Steinmark
Sarah Bolger as Linda Wheeler
Robin Tunney as Gloria Steinmark
Aaron Eckhart as Darrell Royal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by uscgoodwin 10 / 10

Story of a admirable, young football player who faces one of life's greatest challenges with courage, grace and resolve.

In terms of finding someone to look up to, heroes are scarce in American cinema. Superheroes, antiheroes, comic book heroes abound, but an uncompromising, generous-spirited Everyman is notably absent, despite there being a huge draw for him and a vacuum for good family entertainment.

Enter My All-American, financed primarily by Bud Brigham, (a Texas oilman and prominent UT Alum) and written/ directed by Angelo Pizzo. (screenwriter, Rudy and Hoosiers) My All-American is a football story, and Freddie Steinmark is Everyman. He's a kind, generous, hard-working fellow who becomes the starting safety for the 1969 National Championship Football Team, the Texas Longhorns. Writer/director Angelo Pizzo introduces us to Freddie as a child, with sandlot dreams of playing football at Notre Dame, but Notre Dame thinks he's too small. (There are early echoes to Pizzo's prior film Rudy here.) Rather than force his way onto the Notre Dame Football team (like Pizzo's Rudy Ruettiger,) Freddie Steinmark finds a home with Darrell Royal, the iconic head football coach at the University of Texas. Despite his Steinmark's small stature, Royal recognizes his unflappable persistence and effervescent personality and offers Steinmark a football scholarship. What begins as a familiar climb to up the ladder of college football success changes at midpoint, as Steinmark discovers a nagging injury that turns out to be much more serious than first anticipated. Despite some sports personalities deeming the film this generation's Brian's Song, Pizzo does what he does best. He makes us feel like we have never seen this story before.

Finn Wittrock plays Freddie Steinmark with exacting intelligence. He makes thoughts visible; he could tell the story without saying a word. In scene after scene he displays an unswerving loyalty to principle and a strong grasp on the diploma of manhood. Aaron Eckhart, as Darrell Royal, has a hard job here. (Royal referred to himself as the Barry Goldwater of college football). Eckhart's portrayal of Royal is measured, as he alternates between an extroverted warmness and a self-controlled, calculating, fear-inducing dominance which helped Royal lead the Horns to three National Championships. Juston Street, portrays his own father and UT quarterback James Street with swashbuckling candor and verve. In terms of supporting roles, he is the standout here. But Rett Terrell deserves mention, portraying Steinmark's roommate, Bobby Mitchell, with a steady stoicism and unexplored depth.

My All-American is above all, a relationship movie. For those who seek love stories, there is a beautiful one here. Freddie Steinmark and Linda Wheeler are high school sweethearts who go to college together, and then are asked to endure the strain of facing a serious illness. Sarah Bolger (as Linda Wheeler) displays her own form of heroism; she is bright, playful, and child-like, yet stern and has the fortitude to confront Freddie's illness with an inflexible determinism, resolve and wisdom beyond her years. And Gloria Steinmark, Freddie's mother, is adeptly played by Robin Tunney. As the matriarch of the family, Tunney, presents Gloria with a steely strength and sympathetic tension, as she is caught between her love for her son and her ambition for him.

In addition to an outstanding cast, My All-American's score, by composer John Paesano, is exquisite. His score highlights the scenes with just the right mix of melodic emotionality.

While we are wholly unprepared for Steimark's untimely prognosis, Pizzo, leaves us with a form of Steinmark unbent by the weight of his sorrowful circumstances, and a heart adorned hope and love and fearlessness. The film infuses a new life and a new courage in the hearts of every movie goer: May we all face life's obstacles with Freddie Steinmark's courage and enthusiasm.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

It hit you hard as emotionally as it does with the football. Great football movie

The Freddie Steinmark Story adapted into a movie. Freddie seems like a underdog as his body does not measure up to his heart, but Freddie proves that sometimes heart is all you need, and when the world tossed him a bad pass, he still stood up tall. It is the type of movie that makes you wish you had someone like Freddie Steinmark on your team. It was beautifully done.

Aaron Eckhart was great as the head coach leading his team to victory, but the actor they got to play Freddie was perfect in capturing what an amazing guy he was. The whole movie just inspires you like a good sports movie should. It's like Rudy for a new generation.

And the football was great too. I seen the gridiron thing done in many movies. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on here, but the sound effects accompanying the visuals definitely makes you feel the hit from every play.

A fair warning, this is the type of movie that makes grown men get all misty eyed. My All American is about the type of heroes America loves, who against all odds, raised to the occasion to produced victory, and made so much of himself in so little time that people are still talking about it.

Reviewed by Edgar Allan Pooh 8 / 10

Unflinching irony seems to be the order of the day . . .

. . . in the current Docudrama, MY ALL AMER!CAN. A runt-like Colorado boy is the only player on his public high school football team attending mass daily. His dream is to play college ball at Notre Dame, like "The Gipper," and continue on to the Chicago Bears. He's going to have tons of babies with his high school sweetie on the side. When his only scholarship offer comes from an apparently Lily White University of Texas grid-iron squad, his new goal is to lead the Longhorns to an unprecedented Cotton Bowl match-up against the integrated Fighting Irish & Whatnots. Though MY ALL AMER!CAN does not overtly caution against making "pacts with the Devil," this 20-year-old runt DOES lead U-T to a national championship in his final game to set up the impossible long-shot of a few years back: U-T playing ND in the Cotton Bowl three weeks later. But as soon as that match-up is set, the under-sized over-achiever has a leg amputated at the hip, due to a baseball-sized cancerous tumor. This allows the U-T coach to pull a page from legendary Notre Dame master Knute Rockne, and plead for his team to "Win one for Freddie!" Most football fans and religious folks will be totally disillusioned by MY ALL AMER!CAN (unless they're up to the mental gymnastics being talked about in this week's sports sections, about how the "devout" families of Gridder Bart Starr and hockey great Gordie Howe see nothing wrong in filling these aging legends with stem cells from aborted babies to keep them going for a few more inches).

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