My Bloody Wedding


Action / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Eisenstark 9 / 10

A hoot--see it

I caught this at the Action on Film Fest in Pasadena this afternoon (July 26, 2010) and it cracked me up. This is high camp of the first order, NOT to be taken seriously, and very very funny. Lots of bang for a couple of bucks, and it's clear the actors are having a great time with the material. Morgan Mead is terrific in the lead role and newcomer Patrick Babbitt is dynamite as her intended, (as in Napoleon Dynamite, which the part reminded me of a little.) There's one goofy touch, which I won't give away, which was absolutely perfect--a visual gag played with a straight face throughout--bordering on brilliant. Needless to say: recommended.

Reviewed by adrossan 1 / 10

should be bloody annulled

This whole waste of time, space & effort is a spoiler.

It's becoming a very clear trend - written, directed and starring the same person = pure crap.

Another brain dead juvenile pile of pap for no apparent reason, written with no discernible intelligence.

A single cell amoeba would rise up in anger after being requested to watch even 60 seconds of this tripe.

Do yourself a favour - if anyone recommends this poop as worth watching, push them into a bath of cold water and throw in a high-powered electrical appliance - you'll have more fun in the free police ride to jail than anything this dross can achieve.

Avoid at all costs.

A million points below nothing is still too fair.

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