My Little Pony: Equestria Girls


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Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle
Britt McKillip as Princess Cadance
Ashleigh Ball as Applejack / Rainbow Dash
Michelle Creber as Apple Bloom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Markkanen 4 / 10

The Phantom Menace of My Little Pony

Some shows fit as movies, like Firefly. Some shows on the other hand will never make good movies… unless it deviates from the show entirely. Because some of them are too complex and convoluted, like Game of Thrones, while other are the exact opposite: simple shows, which you do not watch for the plot.

That is where we encounter the first hurdle. Equestria Girls does not deviate from the show. It looks and feels like a bad pilot episode of a bad show… and they generally do not premiere in cinemas.

Equestria Girls disregards the strengths of the show: humans instead of ponies, generic high school setting instead of an interesting magical pony land and a bitch that is mean to everyone but obviously will be put back in line by Twilight Sparkle… instead of having none of that. The movie is so predictable, it hurts.

Apropos generic: Twilight Sparkle meets a boy who wears a black sports jacket, is athletic and plays the electric guitar like Jimi Henrix and is the antagonist's ex. And that is that.

There are a few songs featured in Equestria Girls, not unlike the show. These songs are quite different though. Techno and Pop has taken a hold of the score and it sounds like generic radio music. While the songs in "Friendship is Magic" were a part of an actual scene, they now seem randomly placed, just for the sake of it.

Friendship is Magic is animated with Flash and so is this movie. Unfortunately the humans look very stiff and unnatural. The movement of the humans appears choppy, almost as if they skipped frames, which would not surprise me. Lauren Faust's style of the show doesn't fit humans, and they look awkward. Probably, because no humans where originally planned.

One thing that bothered me from day one was the human counterparts of the ponies. It is as if someone (who never even watched "Friendship is Magic") designed them over a weekend, and a colorblind person at that who had no idea how to blend and mix colors. Color theory, what sorcery is this?

Firstly, they deiced to color the skin of the humans like the coat of the ponies. Twilight Sparkle has purple skin, Pinkie Pie is pink and Rainbow Dash is blue. It works for the ponies, but not for the humans. The colors clash like the titans did 1981 and it is not a pretty sight. But how else should we know what human is representing what pony, right…?

There are also small things like every one of the six girls are basically wearing the same things: knee high boots and skirts. Someone truly did an amazing copy paste job, efficiency at its best. Or an insult to Lauren Faust's original and varied design of the ponies. Like the show, the movie was made for girls, but the quality is lacking. It is a badly written mess with lackluster animation quality and laughable design. Equestria Girls is without a doubt the Phantom Menace of My Little Pony. AVOID

Reviewed by YaroLord 5 / 10

It wasn't that bad, but it was bad indeed

I despised the very idea of this movie existing, but after watching it... it turns out it wasn't that bad! But... that doesn't mean it was good.

I'll try to be as objective as possible, since some people here aren't reviewing... they're just spewing their hate.

STORY 1/10

It's pretty decent and acceptable... within the first 15 minutes. Then, something that had so much potential (a crown that could help you dominate the world) is all wasted... on a high-school. And instead of an epic fight or something of the sorts (in order to retrieve the crown)... we've got a high- school dance. It all goes downhill from this point. Cliches are everywhere, and of course, as you might expect, the villain steals the crown just in time, turning into a sort of demon who can mentally-control others... and yes, she wants to rule Equestria. How original.

However, I'm giving it 1/10 instead of 0/10 because of how good the adapting-to-the-human-world-and-tech thing was. It was pretty original and it made me chuckle plenty of times. Everything else was... shameful.



Every pony in Ponyville has a mirror version in the "human" world (they even have the same name... how lazy you have to be to give them the same name, Hasbro), so personalities and character development are pretty much the same as the ones seen in the show. However, we've got an archetypical spiteful/bossy teenage girl as a villain (yay originality) and plenty of fan-service throughout the movie (4th-dimentional Pinkie, a "so awesome!" from Rainbow Dash and an extremely moe Fluttershy).

One thing I really disliked about the characters is how pretty everyone is. There are no short/fat/ugly people. Everyone's tall, with an athletic body (despite most of them not even practicing sports) and a gorgeous face (heck, even the nerds are gorgeous... they're just pretty people with ugly clothes), and the school's one and only bully is our villain: a teenage girl. Really?

And last but not least, the society-portrayal made when Sunset Shimmer turns into a demon was downright pathetic. Pretty much nobody panics after seeing a FRIGGIN' DEMON, and nobody else outside of the school seems to care about the intense and noisy beams of magic/explosions. It's like they're used to it. And what's worse: when Twilight and friends defeat Sunset Shimmer, the once spiteful/bossy/I'm-gonna-rule-Equestria villain is now a crybaby who just wanted friends. What. The. Stuff.



The animation was pretty good. No complaints at all. They did a really good job and the character design ended up being cute! That was a surprise.


MUSIC 7/10

The soundtrack was good as well. The songs were cheesy, girly and catchy, just like you'd expect from a My Little Pony movie.



Good animation/soundtrack but terrible plot and character development. It perpetuates a sexist view of both genres (boys play rock & roll, girls put on their make-up) and it was made to sell new merchandise, so yeah, not really a good movie, even though I love My Little Pony.

Don't give it a higher note just because it's for kids and don't give it a lower one because you were disappointed. There's a whole lot of masterpieces in the film history that were originally made for kids. Rate this with the same criteria that you'd rate a Pixar movie.

Reviewed by Unknown 1 / 10

This is so bad, it's absurd.

I'm sorry, I hate writing this kind of review but that's essential.

It's depressing to admit that a good franchise, an awesome work from Lauren Faust, Sabrina Alberghetti and Daniel Ingram have been reduced to this. With all the respect I have towards these creative geniuses, why did you let Hasbro, the main company hack your creation into this?

The singing sequences are irritating. The character design is creepy and just... awful. I do believe it's a parody of MLPFIM. Some little girls and teens disliked it obviously, for; the only good moments on the movie were on the beginning, and the ending when they're what they are: horses. (Do you imagine any Disney or a Bugs Bunny movie where Bugs becomes human?) It's genuinely terrible. Dialogs are pointless, puns are bad and overdone.

On the writing, plot's nonsensical. Other characters supposed to be the protagonist's friends are not there, inexistent. Existing characters who were good ponies in the series are now evil. Forced memes and more stupid dancing, with a very bad, glitches and bugs in the animation. Speaking of, I think the bad animation played a very high part into making this "movie" like some kind of parody or something. if it was a TV show i'd laugh my ass off, but there, I know people paid to watch this.

80% of the movie or more is about "dancing" on silly dance music. once it's okay, but having 3. 4. and another one, you really want to leave.

I was staring at the green sign that says "emergency exit" glowing on the darkness of the theater. one family left because their daughter and son wanted to leave. they had enough of this silly cartoon, but I ain't no kid, I made it until the end, where Twilight comes back to normal with her crown! that was but a nightmare !

They tried to make it funny, which was even worse if not embarrassing and that day I really wanted, if not needed to watch something funny.

To sum up : it seems that Hasbro has found back through MLP a very huge and important audience, so they put the maximum to extract what they could from this audience. This has nothing to do with MLPFIM. This is just an incredibly bad "movie".

Sorry again for rating this as awful, but that's all I can give. It was an error from DHX and we all have to learn from our errors. (That quote's from an MLPFIM episode that was the radical opposite of everything on this movie BTW. )

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