My Name Is Lenny


Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 7 10 1828


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John Hurt as Leslie Salmon
Josh Helman as Lenny McLean
Nick Moran as Johnny Bootnose
Chanel Cresswell as Valerie McLean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kimonimo Battazzello 1 / 10

Watching a guy do face twitches the whole time

I could not get through this film.

The guy who plays Lenny is continuously twitching his face in a very annoying manner that is so obviously fake that it pulls away your attention from the film continuously.

The whole underlip stretching is beyond absurd and annoying as hell.

Do not watch this, it's absolutely ridiculous.

Reviewed by stevesky 6 / 10

Idiot Reviews

I don't normally write reviews but as there seem to be so many people here dissing this with hardly any justified cause I had too. First the acting is brilliant. If you don't know who Lenny was these twitching mannerisms and psychotic gases are him to a T. I met the fella and the acting here might seem over the top but that is what he was like. Over the top. The rest of the cast is great too. The direction is spot on as well. Real menace to the piece. This is the British version of Chopper princess n my opinion. Like it or loath it. The real problem is the story just isn't very good. Nothing here about Lenny debut Collecting, running the doors in clubs in London, his criminal associations or any number of other much more interesting takes. No, this film is about three fights he had with Roy Shaw and how he treated a few people. I've no doubt the man (is specially in his younger days) was a psychopathic asshole. There's the usual explanation of an abusive adult, but really? No I don't think this explains or drive L Mc. So n conclusion a fine piece of work from all involved. Now go back and tell an interesting story about the enigma that was there s man. And to those dissing the acting and characterisation in the movie you really don't have a clue.

Reviewed by robertasmith 4 / 10

Could be so much better

The dialogue is often what people outside of East London imagine it should be but is far from authentic. The humour that is often implicit in the language is missing. As for the main character, to see critics describe him as a hero is laughable. He may well have been know in unlicensed fighting, and in some of the cubs, but the average East Londoner in the 70's and 80's would not have known who he was. The actor playing McLean at least gets across the manic nature of McLean but his facial expressions are a bit OTT. In fact most of the acting is a bit naff with the exception of some of the more established thespians, who do their best with a script that is jerky and direction and post production that is not the best. There is a story to be told here but it needs better actors, a better crispy and much better direction.

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