My Old Lady


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 59%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 6837


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Maggie Smith as Mathilde Girard
Kevin Kline as Mathias Gold
Kristin Scott Thomas as ChloƩ Girard
Dominique Pinon as Auguste Lefebvre
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 9 / 10

Delightful surprise

Went to see this today based on the trailer, from which I thought it was a comedy. It is funny, but also serious and engaging. Liked it much more than I thought I would and would definitely recommend it. At the end I realized that I would want to watch it again to see the themes of relationship as I then understood them with hindsight. The three principal actors are all excellent in their roles and in their relationships with each other. It felt honest and not pretentious or 'preachy', but definitely deep and engaging.

No one ends up the hero in this film, but that is often how real life often turns out.

Reviewed by glasslens 8 / 10

Beautiful film of a delightful story ideal for an older audience.

This is a very simple film and because it is brilliantly cast and directed, the result is excellence. Simplicity is something we rarely see these days yet it is something we crave in these very complex times. There are really only three characters in this film and so the casting was paramount. It pretty much goes without saying that Maggie Smith in the lead role is just perfect - as she always is. By coincidence, I re-watched Grand Marigold Hotel the following evening, and saw her playing a totally different person with a totally different voice. That is a skill that few modern actors can manage well. More of a surprise to me was Kevin Kline. I remember him in manic roles - typecast or that's how he is I do not know, but in this film he gave a beautifully measured and emotional performance with only a few glimmers of the manic! Finally Kristin Scott-Thomas was just excellent as she always is. Rarely does an actress gently age so perfectly, and her performance could not have been faulted for a moment - just superb.

Very well lit and photographed in what appeared to be quite confined spaces and with exteriors of Paris that just glowed with it's honey colour there is a visual treat here. And with very well-recorded sound, the film was a joy to watch. If your taste is for quality, quiet and thoughtful, for a well written screenplay based on an excellent story, with excellent actors, then this is a film you will thoroughly enjoy. It will definitely have more appeal to an over 50 or even over 60 audience - younger people will miss out on the subtleness and pathos and not appreciate this film.

The one thing that I simply could not understand was the title of this film. In London-speak, my old lady means my mother! Too late to change now though!

Enjoying a coffee in the café of the cinema, we got talking to an older couple sitting next to us. The man had come especially to see Kristin Scott-Thomas because his granddaughter had been the nanny to one of Kristin's children in Paris. It is a small world.

Reviewed by mmunier 5 / 10

Paris already enough for me

I used to be a "Parisian" well really only by birth; but I carry a lot of love about France and Paris. I also have a lot of feelings for Maggy Smith that has been rather omnipresent recently in cinemas. As for Kevin kline I always kept a vivid and enjoyable memory from "A fish call wanda". So I was rather comfortable in giving a go to "My old Lady" although I did not particularly like the tittle. I was not disappointed even if I felt a little boredom in the first half. And if one likes film for entertainment, in my view these should entertain as it entertained me. I did not feel like analysing the whole work too much as this is not why I watch films. For me it's important to leave the cinema with a rewarding feeling, whether I find the film intelligent, funny, or well paced as long it brings me something I feel worthwhile I'm happy. So I got a free trip back to Paris, laughters, and also something to think about! Four of us on the occasion had a good time!

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