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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alan Bannacheck 8 / 10

Never Drive During a Tornado Watch

A mother and her three daughters are going on a weekend trip when they soon find themselves caught in the middle of a storm. A tornado heads directly for their car so they seek shelter in an abandoned wine cellar. They discover they are trapped and whoever owns the house wants to keep it that way. Within the shadows something begins to stir. They are not alone in the darkness...

I give it a B- because although predictable, it offers good acting and the feeling of claustrophobia. The characters are also likable and more three dimensional then cereal box creature features. The creatures themselves wouldn't make a five year old wet their pants, but it's the idea that suppose to be scary. Check this movie out if you are a horror fan. It's at least entertaining.

Reviewed by suckerforhorror 1 / 10

Awful and Amateur

Where do I start?

The Story was non-existing.

Acting was pretty mediocre even for independent low budget horror movie standards.

Background score was abysmal, loud and totally inappropriate for most part of film's run time.

Much hyped creature effects has less than 10 seconds screen time.

Less said about the film's screenplay the better.

Overall, the director made mess of what seemed like a somewhat interesting premise.

Reviewed by JoeB131 1 / 10

Empty monster movie we've seen before.

Okay, I really honestly think that Hollywood thinks the flyover country between New York and Los Angeles is entirely occupied by inbred mutant monsters, and that's why they pretty much have contempt for the rest of the country.

So we have a recovering alcoholic mom who is going to drive through tornadoes with her three daughters to meet her returning veteran husband at the Kansas City Airport. Incidentally, the whole plot point of her being a recovering alcoholic is introduced, and other than having a few scenes where she encounters alcohol, nothing is done with it.

Equally introduced and goes nowhere is the boyfriend of one of the daughters who just wants to have sex with her, but she's playing with him. Why was this in the movie? No reason.

Well, they eventually get trapped in the storm cellar of a town where the whole population is some kind of shape-shifters who turn into monsters when there is a storm.

The payoff is nihilistic garbage where the people you are supposed to like are killed by the monsters.

Honestly, it's garbage where I guess some technical people were trying to build their resumes... I'm really sorry I invested any time into it.

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