Naked Weapon


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Daniel Wu as Jack Chen
Maggie Q as Charlene Ching
Dennis Chan as Mr. Chan
Pei-Pei Cheng as Faye Ching
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Reviewed by sarastro7 7 / 10

Style over substance - but what style!

The plot of Naked Weapon is not too bad, but the way it is ultimately presented leaves a lot to be desired. The pacing is dreadful, scenes are arranged haphazardly, and far, far more could have been done with the interesting premise. Most of the dialogue is really terrible.

However, even with all the shortcomings of the script, the movie is saved by its stylism. The action is pretty good, and while the characters obviously don't actually hit each other, their moves and speed are absolutely incredible and breathtaking. The acting is pretty good, too.

All in all, a highly entertaining package filled with sexy girls kicking ass. It's not as good as So Close, though.

7 out of 10.

Reviewed by Desertman84 7 / 10

Naked Weapon Delivers Pure Action Entertainment

Naked Weapon is an action-thriller film directed by action choreographer Tony Ching.It stars starring Maggie Quigley better known as Maggie Q together with Anya Wu and Daniel Wu. The screenplay,written by prolific film producer Wong Jingapon,is similar in theme though unrelated to his earlier work Naked Killer. The film revolves around three female assassins who get close to their targets, primarily through seduction, before they kill them.

The story starts when countless little girls are growing up all over Asia, but it seems that those that are pretty and athletic could never escape the inescapable fate - they suddenly vanish without a trace. The culprit is Madame M,leader of an international assassin group. Ruthless and bright, she kidnaps and trains up young and gorgeous girls to be cold-blooded professional killers. The girls all possess the ultimate weapon: Their seductive bodies to lure men into bed, and strike when they are at their weakest. Girls from all over the world are dumped onto a remote training camp, including Charlene and Katt. Charlene is the apple of her mother's eye, and Katt is strong and independent. In this horrific Killers' Camp, there is only one rule: Survival of the fittest. An elimination system was adopted to make these girls kill one another, so only the creme de la creme remains. Among the toughest time, Charlene and Katt have developed a close relationship and watch one another's back. Bo realizes she has fallen in love with Charlene, and she will do anything to keep her from harm. Five years later, JACK (Daniel Wu), a CIA Commanding Officer, is close on the trail of Madame M. During a dragon boat race in Hong Kong, Jack encounters Charlene while she is at work. Charlene is about to strike, when she is shocked to see her long-lost mother Faye. Meanwhile, Madame M decides to join forces with Ruichi,leader of a Japanese terrorist group. He yearns for Charlene, and Madame M takes Faye and Katt as hostages to make Charlene compromised. For her mother and lover, Charlene returns to end this once and for all,engaging in a series of hair-raising battles. She will use her ultimate naked weapon on Madame M, and the next second would be in the hands of fate.CIA agent Jack Chan has stayed on the trail of the girls since their disappearance. When he finally catches up to Charlene, Jack is nearly done in by her alluring but deadly qualities.

The movie is pure action entertainment presenting sexy and hot women in an action movie.The fight scenes and action sequences were definitely its main feature as it tries more to please the viewer with the use of CGI to the point of looking implausible and unrealistic.Obviously,they were well-choreographed by director Tony Ching.With regards to the performances of the cast,obviously Maggie Q has great screen presence that one would not admire her for acting skills but rather with her characterization of a beautiful and sexy woman who has the ability to kill.Aside from that,the story will more into action although it tries too hard to have drama in terms of having the relationship of Charlene and her mother come into the picture or romance when the unexplained attraction and love story between Charlene and Jack comes also into place.But inspite of that,both plot devices were simply contrived as it never really can escape the fact that this is a an action film.The viewer should take this movie as it is and never bother to question its realism for its main purpose and objective is to entertain with the awe especially with fight sequences that are original and action scenes that are dramatic especially when hot female action stars like Maggie Q are involved.

Reviewed by Petros Rodakinias 5 / 10

Hot Babes, Matrix-style fight scenes and an idiotic script

What can I say about this movie. It was recommended to me by a friend with a warning: don't take it seriously. And he was right. This is a very entertaining movie if you can get past some very serious flaws, like an extremely bad script and some lousy acting.

What was good about the film: The soundtrack was very good and supported the movie well. The overall story was rather good and interesting. The women were beautiful and sexy. The fight scenes were superb - a little over the top, but still nicely done. Besides, the concept "hot women using their bodies as weapons" is really cool.

What was bad about the film: The acting leaves a lot to be desired in many occasions. The script was lousy, sometimes even stupid. The love story was badly portrayed and it was a bit out of place.

To sum it up: This movie is not Oscar material, you won't be thinking about it afterwards and it's not going to be in your list of all time favourites. Still, it's an action packed, highly entertaining film that will provide for a pleasant evening. I give it 7 out of 10.

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