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Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
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Eric Roberts as Nash
Steve Zahn as Hank Rafferty
Martin Lawrence as Earl Montgomery
Timothy Busfield as Charlie Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cristi_Ciopron 6 / 10

Funny little comedy;Roberts should have got a bigger role

I enjoyed this little comedy much more than I expected; my main reason for seeing it was Roberts. Anyway, the film works in an unpretentious way. It amused me—me and the person that I was watching the comedy with—as a film that found its tone and channel. It is very fast—paced, and quite likable. It's very physical, good—natured and enjoyable; as a matter of fact, it is a humorous crime drama, a humorous cop film (about corrupt cops, etc.).

There are some very noticeable beautiful girls ("Lola" and Zahn's ex—girlfriend).Mari Morrow and Robinne Lee.

Needless to say that my original reason for watching it—Roberts—has a role so small that they could use anybody else. But maybe Roberts was cheaper than anybody else?

Some perceived this flick as ...racist.I see it as politically incorrect,in a cheap but funny way--which is good.

Reviewed by theyounghombre 10 / 10

At best – Tired. At worst – bigoted and offensive

This is probably his best or one of his best in a long....long time. This is much better than Blue Streak and Lawrence plays the act well. His partner in the biz, Steve Zahn plays the angry white man great. This is a hilarious film and everyone couldn't stop laughing in the sold-out theater I was watching it from. I went with a couple of friends and we were laughing and repeating quotes all the way home. One quote that sent the crowd roaring was when Lawrence is talking to Nash (Julia Robert's Brother Eric) when they are out of the van with the certain items (watch the movie to find out).

Reviewed by jmcserious 4 / 10

Could have been better . . . sans "Martin Lawrence"

I thought the movie started off very good with a serious tone of intrigue and suspense. That's what attracted me to watch it while channel surfing.

Although it's the first film I've seen with Steve Zahn, I thought he was genuine in his portrayal of emotion over the death of his fellow officer. His loyalty and respect for his friend and partner showed in every aspect of his acting.

Enter Martin Lawrence . . . then it became too silly.

As for, Bill Duke and Eric Roberts, they're always great in my opinion. Seasoned and mature actors.

I just can't take Martin Lawrence seriously. He's a funny comedian, but this type of silly slapstick takes away from the suspense of the film. The whole "bee" story, police academy farce, as well as the girl with the handcuffs, along with a few more so-called "funny" scenes, should have been re-written to better fit the plot. It's cute for situation comedy, but not for a movie that starts on such a serious tone. It's misleading and kills the suspense.

The movie would have been much better without it.

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