Navy Seals vs. Zombies


Action / Horror


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Rick Fox as Vice President Bentley
Sue-Lynn Ansari as Senate Reporter
Molly Hagan as CIA Agent Stacy Thomas
Ed Quinn as Lt. Pete Cunningham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Arch Stanton 1 / 10

Fat and Overweight Navy Seals

Saw this on Netflix. Thought I'd give it a chance. BIG mistake! I'll admit upfront that I only lasted 32 minutes watching this awfulness. The "best of the best" Navy Seals, huh? These dudes look like they should be headed to fat camp instead of a rescue mission. I think I even saw one of them eating some cheesecake before suiting up for the mission! Dudikoff looks old and that scar they put on him to give him military bad-ass credibility just looked ridiculous. Ed Quinn seemed to be phoning it in, and rightfully so. I too would give a perfunctory performance and then go cash my paycheck and head to the nearest bar and get blind stinking drunk to forget that I agreed to do this movie. The zombies were outright ridiculous and somehow have superman strength as that one broke loose of his handcuffs. Awful production, awful effects, awful script, awful directing, awful acting. I didn't watch it all, but hopefully they made the young TV reporter do a gratuitous booty shot. Probably not. My advice - watch water boil instead of watching this movie. You'll be better entertained.

Reviewed by bobbynitefall 1 / 10

Total dung heap

THe copy I am watching is titles Navy Seals: Battle for New Orleans. It takes place in Baton ROuge...What? Did no one think to look that up?

The editing and continuity people should never be hired for anything over a pre-school production. From the muzzle fire to explosions to bullet hits, they are all completely sad. They show a car window being smashed out and later, that same window was in tact.

The cast...Fat Seals? Really? Couldn't you get people who looked the part? They didn't even shoot realistically. Since when can you let off 3 round bursts without the gun moving at all? My God, even Ed Quinn seemed lost in this dung-heap of a movie. After all, there is only so much you can do with a badly written and directed script.

Unless you want to punish yourself or have really bad vision and hearing, I can't recommend this movie to anyone...ever.

Reviewed by Baton Rouge Resident 4 / 10


I am actually a fan of bad movies like this. But why would you call a movie the Navy Seals the battle for New Orleans (title on Netflix), when it is all in Baton Rouge. I see this stupidity in many movies and TV shows. The South is portrayed are all rural, or small towns, or low intelligence, etc. This is like calling a movie the Battle for San Francisco and setting it in Los Angeles. Of course the oh so smart folks who aren't afflicted with the Southern birthright would notice that immediately. The acting was not completely terrible, and the storyline was par for the course for low budget "disaster" movies. At least you did use the actual old capitol building in Baton Rouge.

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