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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mauro Battaglia 1 / 10

FYI, This movie is getting good reviews because it has a political agenda

Just so you know. Buyer beware.

The movie is objectively not good even as stoners comedy, it looks like an inconsistent patchwork. Even if you liked the first one, this is unquestionable worse.

Political invested people gives good reviews and high scores because of the feminist and new-progressive propaganda in it, without evaluating the actual merit. A sad trend that you may have noticed in the last couple of years. The problem is that the jokes are not funny and it misrepresent the issues, where they are not completely made up.

So if you are millennial and think jokes like "I'm a black cop... I can't shoot myself" is going to save the planet, go see this movie while drunk, otherwise it's terrible.

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 1 / 10

Nobody laughed.

I'm serious, literally no one in the theater laughed. There were a very few chuckles but not a single laugh. The movie was like torture because they kept using the same joke over and over and over again. A joke that wasn't funny the first time it was used was delivered multiple times. The first Neighbors movie was funny, not the funniest movie made or anything like that but pretty funny. This movie is beyond lame. Remember when I told you they kept using the same jokes over and over again? There was literally a 10 minute timeframe in which the movie used the same joke about 5 times. Around that time I looked at my watch and saw that I was only 20 MINUTES INTO THE STUPID MOVIE! Basically, the problem with this movie is that it isn't funny and kept reusing the same jokes. They even use jokes from the original movie multiple times. It was just plain sad. Another thing, I think SETH ROGEN HAS BECOME THE NEW ADAM SANDLER. He keeps playing the same character in very single movie, and he has finally and completely wore out his welcome. This will be the final time I pay money to see a Seth Rogen movie. Another thing I learned is that Chloë Grace Moretz is officially an awful actress. Everyone loved her as Hit-Girl and ever since KickAss she has gotten a free pass from everyone (including myself) but in this movie we get to see a ton of her acting and it is like watching rejected scenes from a TWILIGHT MOVIE. You get sick of her after about 40 minutes. Man, I know everyone involved in this movie did it for a paycheck but I think it is ultimately going to hurt more than a few careers. I WARN YOU, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT PAY A PENNY TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. IT SUCKS. You've been warned.

Reviewed by headly66 1 / 10

One of the worst comedies ever made.

Just when you thought they couldn't top the mindless nonsense in Neighbors along comes Neighbors 2, which seems to have been written a 12 year old on weed in about four minutes. There is basically no plot other than the couple from the first movie is selling their house and by some means becomes enemies of the fledgling girls sorority next door. The rest is just them trying to hurt each other with even more implausible scenarios. The acting is robotic and the lines they have to say some of the worst ever written.

At one point the girls are openly selling illegal pot from a booth at a school event and instead of calling the cops the "adults" decide to steal it from them which then turns into some sort of scavenger hunt for this giant bag of weed.

As in the first movie the sorority breaks about 25 laws including robbery, breaking and entering, sexual assault, theft, etc that the adults could have called the cops on and had them arrested. But that would have ended the movie 20 mins in.

At one point the girls steal all the belongings out of the adults house and start selling it at a garage sale. The adults say they can't call the cops because they stole the girls weed. Which makes no sense.

Avoid this unfunny disaster.

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