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Rose Byrne as Kelly Radner
Seth Rogen as Mac Radner
Zac Efron as Teddy Sanders
Steve Carell as TV News
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aharmas 1 / 10

They should refund our money and time

There was promise in the premise of two opposites dealing with a too close for comfort situation. Sadly, every single element here is the worst of the worst. From the writing, to the non existent "comedy", to the horrible casting choices and the lack of chemistry in many of the different couples here. It's hard to feel any empathy for the old couple, or even believe any of the brothers were really fond of each other, and the unbelievably stupidity of the script dragged everyone to even lower levels. This was one time when one was wishing for negative numbers to be used for ratings here.

Seth Rogen, usually a very likable everyday type only annoys everyone from the beginning, and Gowan can't lend any credibility to her role as the wife of this loser. This is probably to the fact she has always played women who are either a plain Jane type or have the ability to manipulate or deceive those around them. She doesn't seem capable of showing any degree of sexiness, and the dialog she has been given makes the situation more ludicrous than ever.

Here comes Zach who doesn't fare as badly, but there is still nothing he can do with the horrible puns, lines, and directions, if we can call them given to him by whoever was directing this mess. Sitting through this is probably the equivalent of water torture, medieval sadism, or something worse. It was torture for the sense because of the endless barrage of vulgarity, ineptitude, and huge amounts of contempt for those in the audience. It was offensive in so many levels with its visual display of scenes that deserve an NC-17 more than an R. Language, visuals, jokes, special effects, everything is here was deplorable and disgusting.

It's not that we had a couple of desperate morons trying to outdo each other in order to stop a situation like this. We have seen it before, and it has been at least entertaining or done in a creative manner to suggest an action, rather to give unnecessary graphic imagery. What is happening here? We had "The Watch" and their obsession with male private parts and scatological jokes, then "The Wolf" came along, and we were supposed to believe drug abuse was good cinema, and now this came to top everything else. A big problem was that this is lending no credibility to what critics might potentially say in the future. I truly don't understand what film they saw, but there is absolutely nothing to recommend about this disaster.

Reviewed by innocuous 1 / 10

Finally, proof that trolls and spoofers have the upper hand...

As I write this review, there are around 200 reviews posted. As far as I can tell, fewer than 10 of them rate this film at 7 stars or above, yet its average rating is slightly more than 7 stars. In fact, while the vast majority of reviews on the first five pages give it only 1 star, the ratings summary says that only 1.2% of those rating it gave it just 1 star.

This is a long way of saying that it's now inescapable fact that trolls, spoofers, and studio shills dominate the site. A system is only useful until enough people figure out how to game it, and this is (sadly) now the case for this site.

On to the review: Neighbors had a big challenge to overcome with me, as I just don't normally find Seth R. and his "Seth Pack" to be very funny. Unfortunately, this film fails on every level to provide either humor or entertainment. It's a rare film that can depict all characters as totally unsympathetic and get away with it. After all, the viewer needs to be able to identify with SOMEONE in a story or film, even if it's the third-party narrator. This movie has absolutely no sympathetic characters in it at all. It's the essence of comedic nihilism. I didn't like any of the characters, none of them said anything that was vaguely funny, and I didn't identify with any point of view expressed in the film. To make matters worse, the director relied solely on profanity and T&A for shock value.

Totally worthless movie. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by american218 1 / 10

An Awful Sex Movie .

If you are looking for a great comedy movie,this film is certainly not for you. It is an awful R-rated movie with sex and without comedy. It will remind you of Jackass because you will see graphic nudity (sexual intercourse between a man and a woman,a man was forced to suck a dildo,people reveal their butts and throw fire works by means of their butts). Honestly,I did not find this movie worth watching at all,because it lacks 90 % of comedy and it tries to tempt the audience to see it through cheesy and explicit sex. Take my advice and save your money and time and see a better movie. Do not believe the hyperbolic rating!. Neighbors(2014) is an awful sex movie that disguises as a comedy movie.

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