New Terminal Hotel


Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller

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Corey Haim as Jasper Crash
Stephen Geoffreys as Don Malek
Tiffany Shepis as Ava Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VinnieRattolle 8 / 10

A pretty solid little b-movie

Don Maleck (Stephen Geoffreys) is a revered Hollywood screenwriter who hasn't hacked out a script in quite some time. When agent Ava Collins (Tiffany Shepis) approaches Don in his skid row apartment to demand his latest pages, she discovers he's been getting into the mindset of serial killers for his latest script by becoming one. Rather than ratting him out, Ava decides to use Don's new hobby to her advantage.

The reviews here on IMDb are a bit befuddling - it's certainly not the utter crapfest that most have made it out to be. The film is talky with a plodding pace (it sorta has the feel of a stage play), but if you're looking for brutality and gore, it occasionally delivers the goods. And as for the talk, there's a lot of fun, pithy dialogue. Tony Award nominee Geoffreys (in his first lead role since 1988's "976-EVIL") gives a great performance and infuses the character with his patented brand of pathos; and Shepis matches him beat-for-beat, making her sleazy character downright lovable. Across the board, the rest of the acting is decent as well -- the weakest link is an obviously strung-out Corey Haim in a minor role (sporting a hokey Australian accent)... and even he isn't too bad.

I saw "Do Not Disturb" since the original version, "New Terminal Hotel," was yanked from circulation when RLJ Entertainment issued it on DVD. I'd like to see the original because it feels like there's something major missing in the truncated version (according to amazon's defunct listing, "Terminal" ran an extra 12 minutes). It's not much of a spoiler to say that Don is initially motivated to kill to avenge his girlfriend's death (this is made clear in the first scene) but that plot point seems to suffer in the edited version.

No, it's not particularly groundbreaking, but the film is a solid entry in the low-budget indie revenge-horror genre - and if you like Geoffreys (who spent too many years on the outer fringes of Hollywood), I'd certainly recommend it.

Reviewed by spoken 8 / 10

A good waste of 90 min!

I just have to get this on DVD; what a hoot! Of course, I know nothing about reviewing movies, but I had a good bit of fun watching this one, so I thought I'd share a couple of thoughts.

The music made me think of drive-in B-movies, as did some of the dialog in certain places where the voices seemed to be bouncing back and forth in a tunnel. Other than that I liked the story and the characters, quirks and all, even though some of the acting seemed a little off at times.

And then there's a grown-up and often serious "Hoag", really doing a good job playing a psychopath perfectly, right down to being unsuspectable (is that a word?).

The ending made me bust out laughing with sheer joy. Need I say more? How about this: take a chance on this one if you liked the 'fun' tone of "Good Fellas", even though the two flicks have nothing else in common. This is a wonderful revenge movie with an odd touch, and I just have to have it!

Reviewed by lukejbarnett2002 7 / 10

Worthy of watching, creative horror film

Here's an original, clever little horror film. It's a really good film that captivated and intrigued me all the way through.

The thing that I appreciated the most about it is the hard hitting, raw, real, honest, and creative dialogue. I've seen a lot of films and most of them have dialogue that is so normal and clichéd and ordinary that it doesn't grab my attention. But this film is different, this film has dialogue which always captivated me, and always forced me to pay attention(in a good way) to this film. The other thing which is spectacular and outstanding about this film is the out there and, original story. I loved the raw story. Another thing which makes this an impressive film is the unusually and uncommonly dark and hard hitting atmosphere which is due to the dark story, the dark settings, and the dark set ups. Also the acting is really good from Stephen Geoffreys. And Tiffany Shepis gave a great performance. I've never seen her give a great performance before and so that was really memorable and important to me as I've always loved her as an actor. The rest of the actors do a good job as well.

This one is memorable and stands out from most other B-horror movies which have come out in the past few years. It's better than most other B-horror movies of late because of it's fresh feel and imaginative and creative edge. Most B-horror movies being made nowadays seem to be all the same because they don't have any plot elements which is original or unique and they don't know how to make scenes impact viewers, they just use the same slasher movie formula or some other supernatural horror movie formula we've already seen and seen done better. This film stands out with it's ingenuity in the face of a low budget to get ideas, images, and story content out in creative, and unique ways.

It's a stark, blunt, dark, sometimes disturbing, and raw horror film so if you can't take hard hitting, realistic and detailed violence then don't watch it. If you can then definitely watch it, you'll enjoy it.

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