Night at the Museum 3


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rgkarim 6 / 10

Diluted Adventure, for Comedic Bluffs, Ending Wraps it up

Another day, another sequel and this one is unfortunately another kids movie that shouldn't have seen the light of day. I'm not against sequels mind you, but in most kids series seldom is any sequel as good as the first installment. This is the case for this past weekend's release starring the ever wacky Ben Stiller and his posse of celebrities. Yes my friends we take another trip back to the museum, for another hopefully fun adventure amidst it's hallowed halls. So sit back and read a late review of another Night at the Museum, the Secret of the Tomb.

Likes: One thing I have always liked with this series is the selection of exhibits they choose to bring to life, and the integration of their personalities. This installment brings the magic early on, bringing back familiar faces like Teddy (Robin Williams), Jed (Owen Wilson), and Octavius (Steve Coogan) in all their comedic glory. Amidst a grand speech, cool CGI effects are put into effect to bring the constellations alive that shine in all their cool blue light before chaos arises. Once we get to the London museum, more exciting things come alive, in the form of another CGI fossil, a mythical snake demon made of metal, and the warrior with golden locks Lancelot (Dan Stevens). The effects are fluid, the designs beautiful, and when actually integrated into the movie, more on that later, you get the fun feeling you got in the first movie. Unfortunately most of these objects are background, aimlessly wandering around the scene while the big boys come out to play.

Outside of the special effects there are some fun pokes at human society's obsessions, especially at internet videos, pop culture, and of course ridiculous habits that celebrities have. Some of these jokes are well timed, often delivered in a manner that is quite funny. However, many of the jokes, as happens most of the time, lose their charm and the lack of any witty humor makes it pretty much just mindless rambling that kids will only enjoy. Oh sure it's cute, but Hollywood needs to learn that more isn't necessary funnier, in fact it's the opposite. However, audiences allow them to get away with it, so what is the use in complaining.

Now past funny, this Night at the Museum has another emotional side to it, helping to teach the moral lesson of moving on in the magical theatrical way. With the use of orchestrated symphony work, well angled camera shots, decent writing, and of course great acting, I'll admit I got that tingly feeling all over. No it's not gas, but those looking for a life lesson reminder will get it in this film, and a decent closing to the series… I think. As for acting, well Stiller gets the most screen time on this one. The verdict, it's alright… when he's not acting like a buffoon, and the man has some surprising agility and giant snake battle skills. Most of the time he is a bumbling idiot, but given enough time he can pull out some other feelings that we saw in Meet the Parents. As for Williams, may he rest in peace, the man gave one brilliant performance despite his character being diluted from its previous glory.

Dislikes: A lot in this category for this reviewer. It starts with the adventure, which in the third installment has been diluted to a rushed set of sequences, hastily edited together to get out in time for Christmas. A shame since the tale had promise of suspense, timing, and mystery that could have tied so many things together. Instead, the story lacked any depth, quickly revealing the secret without so much a trial, a challenge, or even an argument, it was just handed right to them and a rather lame story as well. In addition, a lot of the suspense was missing in this film, with only an irregular decay in the tablet's magic threatening our heroes. Speaking of which the cavalcade also lost their spunk, the strong willed character reduced to comedic boobs, some of which hardly utter a line, as Ben Stiller takes center stage. Such a shame indeed, but your kids will get a kick out of the simplistic journey, that is if they can sit in there seats… which some chose not to.

Instead the adventure was put aside for… comedy, or what passed for it in this movie. Yes there were a few zingers at first, but they quickly were lost to stupid rants of ridiculous arguing with his caveman doppleganger, stupid exchange of words with exhibits, and some rather awkward discussions with Rebel Wilson. Sure it happens once or twice I can handle it, but it just kept happening, even at the big, exciting climax, with the lame bad guy. Why can these films not realize the limits of tired jokes? I can't answer it either, but sadly it took away from the movie. Perhaps this comedy was the reason why the characters were also a shell of their former glory, and why they were pretty much background characters with the new exhibits. Even the normally cute dynamic between father and son was bad, Hollywood choosing to make the son another lame teenager like most movies do. Is it accurate? Probably, but in a movie with magical tablets you would think a little magic could spread to the humans as well.

I'm not going to lie, this movie failed me on many levels, and disappointed me for the grand conclusion. Still, it is a cute film that kids will handle, and still holds a little of the spark that got me into the series. Worth a trip to the theater? Not really, but if you wish to pay homage to a few of the stars I wouldn't blame you. My scores for this film are:

Adventure/Comedy/Family: 7.0 Movie Overall: 6.0

Reviewed by Amanda 2 / 10

I never write reviews on here but I wanted to save any other Night at the Museum fans the trouble of trying to scrub this film from their minds

I don't really know how this film could have been further from the spirit of the franchise. The ending defeated the entire purpose of the two films that came before it. In each of the other films the main driving goal of the plot was to save the tablet so the museum will keep coming to life. In the first film they fight the old night guards and race through Central Park to see that this happens. In the second film they wage an epic battle at the Smithsonian against creatures from the very Netherworld just to see that this happens. In the third and final film they travel all the way to London to see that this happens....and then just give up and decide that it doesn't matter if they come to life or not; they're fine just being lifeless, inanimate museum displays. If that's the case then what was the point of everything they did before? Why not just let the old night guards have the tablet in the first film and be done with it?

They not only basically killed off every single character from the franchise, but they did it for no good reason at all. If it was supposedly so important that this Egyptian family be together (which I find hard to care about since we don't even know these characters) why couldn't the parents just come back to New York? They didn't even try. They were just like "Nope, we're good being dead" when every film has been about fighting to stay alive. I have no clue what they were thinking here with this plot.

To make it even worse they recast the son, Nick, into this new actor who looks nothing like the other boy who probably would be of a somewhat comparable age so it's beyond me why they did it, but the far worse offense than simple recasting was to change the entire personality of the boy. For the previous two films he was a good kid, precocious, close to his dad and loved that the museum came to live. Now he's a lazy, back-talking punk who wants to drop out of school to be an underground DJ having wild parties at his dad's place at 3 in the morning and who seems to care less about the museum or any of its inhabitants. Why rewrite and ruin a character that way for some tromped up father/son angst that feels forced and falls terribly flat?

And to top it all off, not only was the plot severely lacking and filled with holes and ludicrousness (like where was security when Lancelot crashed the Hugh Jackman play?) the film wasn't even funny. I was sitting in a packed theater and there was rarely any laughter at all. I loved the first two films but I couldn't have felt more different about this one. The ending where they killed everyone off was just the cherry on top of the disdain I'd already developed for this. In my mind, the franchise stopped at the second film which had a lovely and perfect ending for all the characters. They should have just left well enough alone but they got greedy to make more money where no more story existed.

Reviewed by Sahl_95 8 / 10

Good Fun

In the third instalment of the Night at the Museum movies, the tablet that brings the museum exhibits to life is losing it's power and to fix it, Ben Stiller and the gang have to go visit the only person who knows how to fix it, at the London's British Museum.

This movie was definitely more entertaining than I thought it would be. Most of the jokes did entertain me despite at times being obvious, although a few do fall flat. However, I did not enjoy the comedy involving caveman Ben Stiller (thankfully, there wasn't much of it). I think the movie would have been better without that character. The story is straightforward as expected, but still good enough to not be boring.

The returning cast do a good job. Newcomer Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot was my favourite character and was great fun to watch. There were also some great cameos which I did not expect and won't spoil and was awesome.

There are some cool scenes in this movie that really pleased my inner kid, mainly when Sir Lancelot is fighting a triceratops and a scene involving a M.C. Esher painting along with a couple of others. I did also like the ending. It was a bit sad when it came to their goodbyes, especially when it came to Robin Williams'.

Overall, it is a solid movie for kids and adults should have an alright time.

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