Night Claws


Action / Horror

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Frank Stallone as Testi
Sherrie Rose as Deputy Roberta Glickman
Leilani Sarelle as Sarah Evans
Reb Brown as Sheriff Joe Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tracy Winters 2 / 10

Took too long for somebody to die! I wanted somebody to die!

Goofballs in the woods try to figure out what happened to a couple of dumbbells who died violently last night.

Lots of talk and other bulls**t. It takes a long time for more of these in-bred scumbags to buy it, and predictably, there's no monster to be found. Why do all these half-wit directors make the same kinds of movies? They want to create, but all they do is regurgitate. Jesus, take a lesson from my words, you greasy dildos.

Just another small-time attempt to cash in on interesting subject matter, followed up with just another small-time failure.

Avoid this tripe. Go to YouTube and watch the Leonard Nimoy 'In Search Of' episode about Bigfoot instead.

Reviewed by ElijahCSkuggs 4 / 10

Shut up, Cindy.

It's been a while since I've watched a So Bad It's Good type of film, and really, that's all I was hoping this would be. I saw Ted Prior's name, I saw bigfoot in the synopsis, I was in the mood for cheese....what the hell am I waiting for? Let's get going! First off, after starting it, the title calls it Apex-Predator. Whoa, that's even worse than Night Claws....alright!

It doesn't take long for this film to show it's ugly bigfoot head. We got a bad acting right from the get go, and the acting as a whole is what will keep you watching. There may have been one nip slip in the opening scene but nothing else, and there's only minimal blood/make-up effects. So there's no surprises to be had with Apex Night Predator Claws.

Getting back on track and the sole reason to watch this film is to watch the camp. There are a handful of "well-known" B movie actors here, but Reb Brown and Ted Prior stole the show for this guy. When I say "stole the show" I actually mean, kept me from falling asleep. Reb Brown is so amateurish he warmed my heart. He was almost cute with his acting. You could see him remembering his lines, trying to use the correct amount of emotion, it was awesome. He also had a couple funny sequences too. Then we got Ted Prior who is just a hot-blooded, son of a bitch the entire time he's on screen. You get the gist his character is a tough guy, but he takes it one step further and just becomes a jerkoff. So much so, it becomes a positive. He tells his wife in it to shut up at least 5 times. Telling your wife to shut her yap = gold.

So yeah, watch this flick if you truly enjoy camp and/or are a bigfoot enthusiast. If you're neither, pass on this all day long and then some. If you're a little of column A and Column B, I'd say check it out. If you came here looking for any advice on dating, then you've come to the right place. If she talks too much, dump her ass!

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

This was, uhm, something else...

Well, what can be said about "Night Claws"? For starters, then it really seemed like a movie that should have been made in the late 1980's, because it had that distinct late 80's horror feel to it. And is that good or bad? Well, in a sense it was nostalgic, but entertainment-wise, then it made the movie come off as a joke.

The story in "Night Claws" is about some Big Foot creature terrorizing a forest. It is a vicious and bloodthirsty creature that kills just about any sentient creature that ventures into the forest. Why? Well for no apparent reason. It just kills because it can. There is very little meat on the storyline for this movie, which made it even more hard to sit through and not fall asleep.

Let's move on to the acting. Where was it? The people in this movie were so unenthusiastic that it was just downright ridiculous. The performances put on by the actors and actresses in this movie was just horrible to behold. There wasn't a single memorable performance here.

So what worked for the movie? Well, oddly enough, the Big Foot wasn't actually that shabby to look at, the few times you actually got to see it, which was far in between, mind you. And the music wasn't too bad either, though at times it sounded like something from a horror musical of sorts.

I am giving "Night Claws" a 3/10 rating solely based on the design of the Big Foot creature and the 1980's feel there was to the movie, because everything else was not really worth mentioning.

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