Night of the Living Deb


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Maria Thayer as Deb Clarington
Chris Marquette as Chaz Waverly
Ray Wise as Frank Waverly
Michael Cassidy as Ryan Waverly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

Redhead vs deadheads.

After a drunken one night stand with pretty boy Ryan (Michael Cassidy), zany redhead (ie., effin' irritating ginger) Deb Clarington (Maria Thayer) discovers that the town of Portland, Maine, is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Although clearly modelled after Shaun Of The Dead, Night of the Living Deb doesn't come anywhere near to matching the charm, wit or originality of Edgar Wright's classic zombie comedy, the film offering up tepid humour and lacklustre living dead action, with Thayer putting in a performance that can best be described as thoroughly annoying—five minutes in her company and I would seriously be considering throwing myself to the flesh-eaters.

Ray Wise and Chris Marquette are the most recognisable actors in this mess (Shawn C. Phillips doesn't count), but I bet they wish that they weren't.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Romantic Zombie Comedy

While I wouldn't call it flavor of the month, the last couple of years saw a bit of a rise. Not only of the dead themselves but a rise in zombie comedies with a romantic touch. Some worked better than others, some just try to be a bit funny. And that is what this movie is. It's not an instant classic or anything, but it does what the box says and it's entertaining enough to watch.

It starts off innocently enough, just to turn things up and speed things up a bit. The main actress is what either will draw you into it or appall you. I thought she was really funny and did a great job. Of course it's silly, it's meant to be that way. I mean the title along indicates that (how come no one thought of that before I wonder?) ... It's actually pretty easy to decide if you like this or not, but something I can't do for you of course

Reviewed by kytetiger 4 / 10

A waste of time

Night of the Living Deb (2015)

Deb wakes up the day after a drunken night at the bar, in the bed of Ryan. Past the confusion, they decide to separate but quickly find that the city was infested by Zombie overnight.

The story is very short and simple, with only three small parties. After a rapid first part, we embarked on the adventure. The elements of intrigue and relationships are developed in parallel and progressively throughout the film, which allows a steady flow of new information.

Zombie scenes are minimal but in the end, the zombies are put aside by themes that are: the problem of the relationship of Deb, the image she projects, and theme of the responsibility incumbent upon those in power.

The problem is that the whole story is buried under a torrent of annoying dialogues. These are just a series of sentences without added values, low rise remarks, embarrassing moment whose protagonist will immediately follow wit an "oops, hehehe" or something like that. The "jokes" are simply recited dialogue, said standing, static and without any dynamism. It constantly breaks the rhythm of the film, each artificially extending the scenes and do not bring personality to the film. It did not make me laugh; instead, I sighed throughout the film. Basically, imagine that humour as a mix between that of Melissa McCarthy and Adam Sandler.

Maria Thayer embodied Deb, a journalist who can't keep her tongue in her pocket, but who is also making illusions, both about her relationship, vis-à-vis her importance toward others, and compared to the world of media. The problem is that she does not stop talking. All the time. And to say nothing important! It was only filling, stirring wind, it does nothing for the development of the story and her attitude was embarrassing and unpleasant. Michael Cassidy plays Ryan, a character with a good heart, but his relationship with Deb made strange development jumps, changing dramatically in a few seconds. It has all the hollow of a knight, generic and without personality. Ray Wise meanwhile embodied Frank, Ryan's father, a politician with a bright smile whiter than white. His character was suited to his role, but I found it strange that when he was talking to another character, it was as if he spoke without looking at him in the eye.

The special effects were basic, some use of the green background is approximate, but served the film, while the editing was a little soft, leaving some shots too long.

A waste of time. 4/10.

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