Nina Forever


Action / Comedy / Horror / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Oddly depressing

NINA FOREVER is a weird, low budget British horror comedy that has no horror and no comedy. I'm not really sure what it is or what it even wants to be, expect to say that it seems to copy the American comedy movie LIFE AFTER BETH in the tale of a guy who keeps being haunted by his dead girlfriend, killed in a car accident.

What it boils down to is that NINA FOREVER is a mess of a film. It's long, slow, and has a boring script that drags the viewer down through endless dialogue scenes that go around in circles and add nothing to the narrative. The only thing it succeeds in being is grotesque, with lots of icky sex scenes in which a bloody corpse comes into play. I also found the whole film to be oddly depressing because it's so poorly achieved.

Unlike other reviewers, I didn't have a problem with Fiona O'Shaughnessy's acting as the oddball Nina. She's weird and has an annoying personality, yes, but I thought that was the point. No, my problem is with the two protagonists in this film, both of whom are hopeless. They're given characters so one-dimensional that they might as well be caricatures; both have zero personality, and there's no reason to like them. They meet up in the film and decide to have sex right away, only to find out there's some ghostly stuff going on. So what do they do? Not have sex? No, that would be too easy. Instead the film follows them as they repeatedly try to make things work in the bedroom, which I found ridiculous. There's more to life than sex after all.

It doesn't help that Cian Barry and Abigail Hardingham aren't very good actors either, although at least the latter has a nice figure, and perhaps the reason for her casting was her willingness to show it off. In any case, NINA FOREVER is a tough film to watch, purely because it's so dull, vapid, and pointless, and it actually made me feel depressed about human existence. Surely we're not all this shallow?

Reviewed by manuelasaez 7 / 10

Absurd and disturbingly funny. It shouldn't make sense.....

The premise of this movie makes no sense; the ghost of a man's ex-girlfriend shows up, bloody and battered from the accident that caused her death, every time he has sex. It's absurd, and entirely creepy, if it weren't for how hilarious the ghost of the dead ex-girlfriend (Nina), is. Every line out of her mouth comes of with such a dark and dry wit, indicative of a very British humor, and her appearance broke up some of the more serious parts of the movie with some levity. Th acting is top notch, the SFX is disgustingly well done, and the music is amazing. I just don't think that the parts of the film make for an effective whole. As the movie went on, I started to wonder, "But, why?". Why is she haunting her ex? Did he do something to her that warranted it? Is she taking revenge on him for some reason? It just doesn't come together as well as I would have liked, but the individual parts sure were entertaining. One of the most absurd films I have seen in a long time. Every time I think that all topics have been covered in film, someone comes along and does something wholly original. This is definitely one of those times. Watch this film to just revel in the crazy.

Reviewed by scottyholroyd 2 / 10

Life After Beth...But bad.

It has always been us Americans that like to remake films, but this is an example of the Brits doing it, and doing it badly.

Maybe the filmmakers were just not aware of the excellent Life After Beth from 2014, and maybe it's just one of those occasions when two lots of people have similar ideas, but this film has just recently come out, so I'm not sure.

Whatever the reasons this film is pretty bad. It's mediocre in almost every respect, which makes it less entertaining than if it were truly bad.

The actors try their best and I commend them for that, but it's just not a good enough vehicle for them to shine. The directors, and I think I'm right when I say there are two, which explains a lot, seem muddled in their storytelling.

But my main argument is that this has been done before, quite recently, and better. So why bother?

I hope, and think that they will, go on to better things, but they need to learn from this film and see it for what it is before they move on.

I wouldn't recommend it. Just watch Life After Beth. (I have nothing to do with that film!)

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