Ninja Cheerleaders


Action / Comedy

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Eric Stonestreet as Beergut
George Takei as Hiroshi
Lateef Crowder as Karate Bully
Michael Paré as Victor Lazzaro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ronnymiller-1 5 / 10

Stupid but funny

Seriously this is one of the worst movies ever and yet it is entertaining in a way I can hardly describe. First: The Title. A movie titled "Ninja Cheerleaders" is just a "gotto see this movie" to me. Anyway - the story is incredibly stupid (cheerleader strippers fight to get back the strip club of their ninja master against Michael pare - and to top it, they have to win a strip contest to get money for college....ha ha ha ha). This is a great setting for a really funny but stupid film, but the camera work, the directing work, the music, the actors - everything is just so bad. It is so badly made, it is sometimes hard to watch. But the girls are cute, they are brutal, they beat up everything they can - and then their is Captain Sulu as the master and Michael Pare. I want to like this film - if it was better edited and directed, it be a classic trash one - like this, it is just a film for men, who wanna see babes beat up guys.

Reviewed by tirkkanen 1 / 10

It's bad. Seriously.

I thought I should comment on this film, since it's really not as cute as it was probably meant to be. The film revolves around three girls who are determined to get into Brown College. To pay their tuition they strip at a local bar. The owner of the bar is a ninja master who lands into some heavy trouble and of course the ninja cheerleaders get involved.

The first thing that's off is just the title: Ninja Cheerleaders. It kind of sums it up. I got fooled by the ninja part. Almost everything in the film is tacky. Plot, writing, directing, lighting, fighting etc. A few of the older actors do deliver nicely, but they can't salvage this shipwreck of a film. The biggest disappointment is actually the poor quality of the fights, since I'm a huge fan of martial arts.

I'm thinking that the target audience for this film is young girls who need a strong role-model of a determined successful woman who doesn't need a man. Oh my god, did I really just write that? Another target group is probably teenage boys, who would be better off watching American pie, at least it has boobies in it.

P.S. I might ask the film makers what's up with the topless women between scene changes? Of very poor taste and utterly irrelevant...

Reviewed by nytebreid 1 / 10


Yes, it is exactly the quality of film one would expect with that title. Neither even the (very brief) flesh factor nor the 'cheese' factor save this thing. It is a crime that this has not yet made the IMDb bottom 100. I am seriously sitting here trying to think of something positive to say... anything... nope, nothing. George Tekai must be seriously hurting for work. From a critical standpoint - the acting is bad. The direction is seemingly non-existent. I don't think I can really address the writing/script as I honestly think they just sort of made things up as they went along. I'll be honest here... I (like many people) watched this thing to see some cheap flesh--HERE'S THE SPOILER PART--The three main characters are never even seen topless. There are occasional pointless glimpses of a dancer between scenes, and a couple of women near the end at the announcement of the winners of the 'talent contest'. Seriously, watch 'Gigli' or 'Glitter' before resorting to this.

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