Ninja: Shadow of a Tear


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 9215


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Scott Adkins as Casey
Ron Smoorenburg as Dojo Fighter
Kane Kosugi as Nakabara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by derrenmichell 10 / 10

Best Ninja movie

The action and the fight scenes are the best and the budget is smaller than the first Ninja. But Ninja 2 the fighting looks more realistic and using more MMA into it than the first one. Best part is that they casted Scott Adkins and he actually knows martial arts. His kicking skills are the best I've seen. Let's face it most ninja movies now days suck balls and have actors that can't fight. But Scott Adkins pulls it off and he does some amazing realistic kicks, mid arm bar submissions. The only thing I was disappointed in was that he only wore the ninja suit for a small part of the movie. But the ninja suit and mask was very realistic. I thought about NiNJA GaIDEN, maybe the should cast Adkins as the lead role for a movie version from the classic Ninja GAiden video game. Best Ninja movie since the movie American Ninja!! SEriously you bitches who think Scott doesn't know the art of the ninja ? Read his frocking biography! He studies various martial arts!

Reviewed by marlonsmith1234 10 / 10

Not the best plot, but definitely the best action

I will start by saying, I have never reviewed a movie on IMDb before but felt compelled to do. Scott Atkins is the new van damme.

I cant say much for the plot / storyline however the acting was fine, and the action was beautifully choreographed. It looked so real. The action more than makes up for the lack of depth within the story itself. Scott for me, carries the film but he does it so well.

I hope Hollywood pays attention to this guy as he is extremely talented. As crazy as it sounds being that this was a Direct to TV movie, I was thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout the whole film. Its Fast paced almost from the get go and action packed.

I hope to see Scott in some big budget block busters next year and beyond.

Reviewed by Mathinath Karunakaran 9 / 10

Best action from Scott Adkins since Undisputed

CRAZY!. It is up there with Undisputed, Great fight scenes and taken in one shot which makes it look even better. Good fighters this time unlike the first Ninja movie, not to mention highly coordinated kick #@[email protected]# fight scenes.Lets see if Raid 2 and TYG2 can outdo Shadow of a Tear,...Scotty seems better than ever,I wish this came out in Theater would have been nice to see this on the big screen. Undisputed 4 is coming out.. cant wait! Story is lacking but who cares, and anyone who knows about this movie, does not care about a PLot or love story, they just want people beating the crap out of each other. Nicely done and a nice recovery for Scott.

Also recommend SPECIAL ID... for those who cant get enough.

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