No Escape


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Lake Bell as Annie Dwyer
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Owen Wilson as Jack Dwyer
Sterling Jerins as Lucy Dwyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rey Kevin Hero 7 / 10

Review from a Vietnamese: Good movie but just no there yet

No Escape has me on the edge of my seat for several moments. The intensity of the movie is real. Well done producer, but you still miss the shot by that much.

The story is about Jack Dwyer and his families traveling to a South East Asian movie to settle down so he can work for a water company there. However, they soon find out that a coup has broken out and local rebels are trying to kill all foreigners they see because those foreigners are making them slave by control the water sources. Jack has to walk through hell, fight off enemies to escape to Vietnam.

Cool, really good plot. However, it can be much better. I want to know better about the villain, not just mindless criminals. I want a bit of side story and explanation. Although Mr.Hammond did explain a bit, I feel that detail is just too shallow and it is not developed good enough. I feel that bit is not necessary, a normal coup for power is fine for me. Don't mark everything America with star, stripes and eagle.

The movie also has several errors. Such as when Annie told her daughter to hide in the bathroom and lock, she ran the opposite direction in the bedroom, but later the wife was standing in front of the bathroom next to the main door (hotel, 1 bathroom only).

Also when the sniper try to kill them, Hammond and Kenny did a terrible job on keeping an eyes out. Moreover, if I am a rebel and I know they are staying up there, I will send several men to get them right there, not just staying in the tower and shoot. That is a terrible strategy.

Hammond was really cool character, but he does not have enough screen time, which is a total let down.

The ending scene was not well played, I feel it rushes too much and I feel they take only 5 minutes to get to Vietnam border. And the truck was chasing, if they planned to kill, why don't they just shoot when the boat still on the other side? What hold them back? I would prefer the ending scene on a road than the river. As I want to see a bit more standoff between Vietnamese force and rebels.

LIKE: Good plot Decent Acting Good "South East Asian" Atmosphere Hammond Intensity and violence Vietnam is safe haven

DISLIKE: Plot was not well developed in side story Movie errors and nonsense Screen time for Hammond was not enough Ending scene

OTHER STUFF FOR DISCUSSION: OK, the country in the movie, is not real. So calm down guys. It was filmed in Thailand, people speaking Laotian and minority languages and all the signs are in "up side down" Cambodian Khmer.

It is a movie okay? There is no country's city has direct fly from US and couple of miles away from Vietnam, of course.

I personally like this movie, it reflects partly the truth of several South East Asian countries now. Cambodia is going through big political war between the current gov and the politicians who want to wage a war with Vietnam. Thing was really tense at Vietnam's border couple of months ago.

I saw someone rated this movie bad and said it is a racist movie because white people escapes. Calm the f*ck down, it is an action movie, not a lovely soft humane story. Don't bring the refugee crisis in here, movie is movie, real life is real life.

Rate it 7.5/10

Reviewed by bob-the-movie-man 8 / 10

Tenser than a tuk-tuk ride at rush hour

"No Escape" is set in an anonymous South East Asia country bordering Vietnam facing a violent civil war, with the uprising triggered by perceived foreign imperialist intervention. The film was shot in Thailand but looks and feels like Cambodia. Having had the fortune to spend time in Cambodia and be immersed in its troubling history, this feels well positioned: the economic premise at the heart of the film – that governments invest in loss-leading foreign-aid, in this case water treatment, to 'buy' future strings of the leadership - is controversial but has the ring of truth about it. Countries like Cambodia have been used as political footballs by the Super Powers for many years, and are pressure-cookers of injustice and discontent.

Owen Wilson and Lake Bell play Jack and Annie Dwyer, parents relocating – reluctantly - to the country as ex-pats to follow Jack's work as a water treatment engineer for a US corporate. Pretty brave, as they have their two young children Lucy and Beeze in tow. With immaculate timing they fly in on the eve of the uprising and their life turns into a terrifying game of hide and seek as the armed rebels pursue then with one intent: murder with a side-order of rape.

They are aided and abetted by a long-term ex-pat Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) who spends most of his free-time in bars and brothels but is a handy person to know. The film's title sums up the action perfectly: in a world without law, order or reason, and as scuppered as four chickens in a fox farm, how will the family survive? Or indeed will they all survive?

The bottom line is that this film is tense. Very tense. On the 'tenseness scale', we go right through 'clenching the armrest' right up to 'hands in the hair' tense at times, and there is little relief from after the action really kicks off. As a result, this is quite an exhausting watch.

The casting is also fascinating. Owen Wilson, better known for fluffier stuff like "Wedding Crashers", didn't feel to me like the natural choice for this lead, but he is really excellent. And Lake Bell, best known for the kooky and underrated 'voiceover' film "In a World", also excels as the traumatized wife and mother. Together with some highly credible performances by the kids (Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare) the ensemble really makes you care for the family unit, which adds massively to the tension.

Also in his best role for years Pierce Brosnan has great fun as the animated larger-than-life Hammond, although those of a sensitive musical disposition should be aware that he does sing again in karaoke mode: and if this were possible, it's even more toe-curlingly awful than "SOS" (albeit intentionally so). The one criticism would be Brosnan's weird accent which at first I took to be South African, but it later emerges that he is supposed to be British. If so, it's no UK regional accent that I recognize.

We are into September now – a difficult period for cinema, where the summer blockbusters give way to those films the studios deem not quite good enough for the 'Oscar period'. But, whilst having the feeling of a tight and relatively low-budget flick, here is an action film worthy of your attention. It is a film that tells a simple story very well, choosing to cut away from the more gruesome acts (it is a '15' certificate in the UK) to focus on the players' reactions and leaving more to the imagination. For this, the director – John Erick Dowdle (who also wrote the piece) – is to be congratulated. I was rather sniffy about his last film ("As Above, So Below") – "No Escape" is a vast improvement.

In summary, taut, tense and worthy of your movie dollar. Note though that for those adversely affected by films about children in peril and/or about serious sexual assault, this might be one for you to miss.

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Reviewed by Paul Allaer 8 / 10

Much better than the movie critics would have you believe

As "No Escape" (2015 release; 103 min.) open, we see a high level meeting taking place (drinks are tested for poison before consumption). It's the Prime Minister (of an unnamed country), and before we know it, the Prime Minister is murdered. The movie then switches to "17 Hours Earlier", as we get to know the Dwyer family as they are en route to Southeast Asia: Jack (played by Owen Wilson), Annie (played by Lake Bell), and their two young daughters Lucy and Beeze. During the flight they also meet Hammond (played by Pierce Brosnan), who has visited the country 15 times and knows the place inside out. Upon arrival at their hotel, Annie comments "Welcome to the fourth world!", as there is no functioning TV, phone or internet. The next morning Jack goes for a walk to by a US newspaper, and inadvertently gets mixed up in a stand-off between demonstrators and police in riot gear. At this point, we are not yet 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: first, this movie has gotten pretty negative reviews from the experts and movie critics. Well, let me tell you, they are way off the mark on this one. If you have seen the movie's trailer, you already know that this is in essence one long escape movie 9very similar in the way that the new Mad Max movie was in essence one long car chase). Once Jack gets mixed up in the stand-off, he and then his family in essence run and hide, and run some more, in a city where there is no sanctuary. It makes for an incredibly tense movie. It must also be mentioned that the movie is at times outright brutal, making for some difficult watching. This is definitely not a movie for the faint of heart. But there are also a number of heart-stopping scenes that play out brilliantly. The hotel rooftop scene, which is so reminiscent of the last days of Saigon 1975, will blow you away. Let me also point out a minus: much of the movie is shot with hand-held cameras and there are tons of close-ups (enforcing the feeling of anxiety), which frankly makes for some exhausting watching. Also, I'm still not 'buying' into Owen Wilson as an action movie guy. On the other hand, Lake Bell, who shone a few years ago in her own movie "In A World...", shines again in this one. Kudos also for Brosnan, who still has the charisma of his James Bond days. When you realize that the production budget of this movie was just $5 million, a pittance in today's Hollywood terms, this movie more than delivers the goods.

"No Escape" opened nationally this past weekend and due to the negative reviews I was hedging whether to go see this, even though I had liked the trailer. Well I gave in to my original curiosity. So glad I did. The early evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was attended okay but not great (it was a week night, though). If you are in the mood for an ultra-tense action drama and you are not faint of heart, you should check this out, be it in the theater, on Amazon Instant Video or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray. "No Escape" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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