No Highway in the Sky


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
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James Stewart as Theodore Honey
Marlene Dietrich as Monica Teasdale
Glynis Johns as Marjorie Corder
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Fisher, Inspector of Accidents
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dennis Eastman (Dennis-81) 8 / 10

Inspiring, entertaining, and prophetic gem of a film

I first saw "No Highway in the Sky" when I was 11 years old. What has always impressed me about the film is the fact that it shows how the courage of the little known people of the world can accomplish a greater good. Theodore Honey (Jimmy Stewart's character) is a written-off by his peers, superiors and the outside world as a strange sad little man. He is a widower, and a single parent. All he has is his daughter and his work to keep him going.

But he is also single minded in his pursuit of his knowledge and his craft. He gathers his data, forms his postulate and relentlessly pursues his goal regardless of the establishments thinking on the matter. When he realizes that he or people that he has met and starts to care for may be injured or killed if does not act on his theory, he has the moral fortitude to act to save their lives and prevent tragedy. Unorthodox, yes. Odds against him? Yes. Do you admire him? YES!!! Dr. Honey versus British Government and British Airways is prophetic. (e.g. The British Comet disasters of the early 50's happened after this film was made) (Also think about the engineers at Thiokol battling NASA over the Challenger launch) James Stewart, a pilot himself, shows us that this courage of facts versus opinion and profit is the courage that should be encouraged and rewarded.

35+ years later, I am an engineer and I owe a great deal of it to this film.

Reviewed by markystav 9 / 10

An Underated Inteligent Thriller

This is one of the better examples of how to craft a drama with just enough humor to lighten the load at just the right times. Most of the credit has to go to Jimmy Stewart, who infuses his character with hilarious absent-mindedness. We constantly have a chuckle at Theodore Honey, yet all the while we are witness to his personal metamorphosis from disinterested and detached scientist to caring and energetic activist.

The whole movie uses technology as the vehicle within which the protagonist lives, works, and eventually changes, but this movie is not about nuts and bolts; it is ultimately about personal transformation - Nothing is the same for Mr. Honey by the end of the film. The joy is watching the transformation, bit by bit, as events literally overtake him.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

Nothing Like Becoming Part of Your Own Experiment

No Highway marks both the reunion film of James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich and Stewart's second film with Henry Koster as director. Stewart never played an intellectual before, but he's quite convincing here as the absent minded aeronautical scientist.

Stewart is a widower who is Rhodes Scholar, an American who decided to stay in Great Britain. He married and had a daughter, but his wife was killed in the blitz and he's raising his daughter in the off-time between his scientific projects.

His interpretation of a man who in his grief has just buried himself in his work is very well handled. We first see the way he lives after his new boss Jack Hawkins gives him a lift home. His daughter Janette Scott is a bright little girl, approaching her puberty though and not real well equipped to handle it.

Stewart is convinced that a new type metal alloy used on a new line of aircraft passenger planes will weaken after so many hours of flight and cause crashes. Hawkins urges him to report his suspicions, but the ivory towered Stewart refuses until his scientific calculations have been thoroughly checked out.

All of a sudden he gets good and personally involved in his own experiment. He's flying to Newfoundland and learns he's on one of those planes he considers defective. He is a respected scientist and people listen to him, like stewardess Glynis Johns and traveling film star Marlene Dietrich.

Of course when the tail section does not fall off in the time he thought, Stewart is made the object of ridicule. He disables the same plane he was on which was making a further stop in Montreal.

I think you can guess where this one is going, but it's a pleasant journey nonetheless. Stewart did in fact another variation of this same character in Dear Brigitte for Henry Koster and with Glynis Johns as his leading lady. Of course that film isn't as good.

Janette Scott said that during the filming of No Highway, Marlene Dietrich was kind and gracious to her and gave her innumerable pointers on how to act and react before the camera. Stood her in very good stead in Scott's later career.

Poor Marlene, two films with James Stewart and she didn't get him in either. Of course during Destry Rides Again they were in the midst of a torrid affair and it was a more important film for both of them.

For the film is about aircraft design without any derring do heroics, No Highway has no pretensions. Stewart since his service in the Army Air Corps in World War II was a well known advocate of air power and this maybe the best of his films concerning that subject.

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