No Strings Attached


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SteveMierzejewski 3 / 10

No acting attached

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should give their awards conditionally. If you receive an Academy Award for best actor/actress, and then demean it by acting poorly in a subsequent film, you should forfeit the award. This is akin to behaving in a manner unbecoming a professional. Now, I wasn't a big fan of Black Swan, but I did think Natalie Portman deserved the Best Actress award. After watching No Strings Attached, I wonder if I, and others, had been fooled. Admittedly, she didn't have much of a script to work with here in No Strings. At best, her character was two dimensional. But then, she was one of the producers. You'd think she would have been able to tell a flawed script when she saw one.

Like most romantic comedies, you know the ending from the first scene in the movie. This, however, does not mean the film or script is necessarily bad. After all, you know the salesman will die before you even watch Death of a Salesman. It's how you get to that ending that has to be interesting. And in No Strings Attached, that journey is tedious.

Ashton Kutcher, rapidly evolving into the Hugh Grant of American romcoms, plays his usual sensitive, cute but naughty puppy dog role. He basically serves as the eye candy for the female viewers. This is too bad because, as we saw in The Butterfly Effect, he does have talent. Both he and Portman's character lack depth and we can't help but wonder what he sees in her that's so special. No chemistry exists between them or any of the other actors in this film. So there is no romance in this romantic comedy and, what comedy there is, is sophomoric. I am sure that a few 13-year-olds were rolling in the aisles, but that might just be from eating a bad hot dog, which would certainly have been more enjoyable.

I heard that Portman wanted this movie to be the female answer to The Hangover. Personally, I'd prefer a five alarm hangover to watching this movie again.

Reviewed by ctomkin 3 / 10

A romantic comedy that is neither

How about this for a unique movie premise: Boy and girl accidentally get reunited after several years, decide to skip all the work that goes into a relationship and settle for a strictly sexual one. They end up falling for each other, tempers flare, and break up. Moderately dramatic event occurs that brings them back together again. It may sound like the outline of every Matthew McConaughey film, and now it's also the recycled theme of No Strings Attached.

Adam (Ashton Kutcher) is some unspecified assistant on a television show, whose father (Kevin Kline, in what surely is one of his more forgettable roles) happens to be an extremely famous actor. He's also completely irresponsible and hedonistic, and somehow we're supposed to believe that he'd even bother to get a doctor's note so he could buy medical marijuana. Adam finds out that dad is now dating his bimbo ex-girlfriend. Distraught over this, Adam goes on a drinking binge that ends up reuniting him with Emma (Natalie Portman), a gifted doctor in residency in a teaching hospital. They end up in a strictly sexual relationship, and you'll figure out exactly how things are going to play out before the wacky sex location montage scene has finished. Emma is fine with this arrangement as she doesn't want to get too close to anyone. Adam wants more. The falling out is inevitable, as is the reunion (spoiler alert, everything works out just fine!).

This film follows the rom-com playbook to the letter. Emma of course has several roommates, one of which is the required effeminate overweight gay guy. Token black guy? That role is played by Ludicrous, the friend of Adam that shows up occasionally to give the standard bro "you should be banging her" advise. And of course the other women in Adam's life are either extremely socially awkward, or lesbians. Despite taking place in Los Angeles, you'd think it was more like a small town in Iowa the way everyone bumps into each other at the coffee shop or just walking down the street.

The jokes tend to fall flat, with the funniest scene involving Adam showing up at Emma's apartment with a menstruation mix CD (i.e. Sunday Bloody Sunday, other blood related songs) to entertain her and her fellow suffering roommates, one of who remarks that her underwear resembles a crime scene. I should point out that this film was directed by Ivan Reitman who also directed The Ghostbusters. What made him read this screenplay and decide that he must make this film? Every scene goes on just a little too long, and some of them don't make any sense. Example: when Adam gestures to Lucy, the awkward assistant director of the show he works on to sit down, she looks at the chair and says "oh look, a chair", pauses and then sits down. What was the point of that? Ed Wood films had better editing that this. None of the characters are remotely likable and most are barely more than ugly stereotypes.

Unless you really need to hear some jokes about Ashton Kutcher's penis, pass on this one. This movie will be in the five dollar bin at Wal-Mart in six months. And at that price, you'd still be better off with a random McConaughey rom-com instead.

Reviewed by Marter2 7 / 10

There really are no strings attached

"No Strings Attached" works precisely for one reason, its script. Paramount Pictures, the studio backing the film, allowed the script to be R rated, meaning that "grown up" words, the ones that are four letters and need to be bleeped out from standard radio and television could be said. For a film that is about casual sex--one that tries to portray its characters as realistic--these words need to be included in the characters' dialogue. So, yes, thank you Paramount for allowing the script to be R rated.

The plot centers on two characters who have been friends for many years, seeing each other only once in a while over that timeframe. We see each encounter through flashbacks right at the beginning of the film. Eventually, we move to the present, where Emma (Natalie Portman) has moved into the same city as Adam (Ashton Kutcher). They meet up, and decide that they should hang out some time.

Adam ended a relationship with his girlfriend months ago, and one day finds out that his father is now dating the same girl. After some razzing by his friends, he decides to drunkenly call every girl's number that is in his cell phone, in hopes that one of them will have sex with him.

He eventually passes out, waking up naked in the company of four people, one of which happens to be Emma. They end up having sex, and decide to be "sex buddies". They won't be in a formal relationship, but they will call one another up if they are "in the mood", so to speak. If either character starts to actually feel attraction for the other, they would call this agreement off, and move on with their lives. No feelings would be involved in their interactions with one another, and therefore there would be none hurt of things went sour.

"Where's the conflict?" is a question that you might be thinking to yourself right now. Well, that comes from one of the characters, (no, I won't tell you which), developing feelings for the other. The rest of the film focuses on the characters' relationship following this revelation.

If you are now thinking to yourself that you know almost exactly how the movie ends, well then you aren't alone. Just by the trailer for "No Strings Attached", it's not difficult to figure out the film's conclusion. It won't throw many curveballs your way throughout, and is overall fairly predictable, with only a couple twists that are really any bit surprising. And even those are only surprising because of their timing, not because of what the twist actually was.

Although, I'll admit that I didn't want the film to end. I liked the characters, and I wanted to continue to see what would happen to them. In fact, when "No Strings Attached" finally did wrap-up, I think they chose the wrong point to end it. It ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger, where as if it finished earlier, that wouldn't have happened.

As a matter of fact, the ending was actually the worst part of the film, just because it didn't really give a solid conclusion to the story. And no, I'm not hoping for a sequel, even though one is definitely possible. Does that information make you second-guess how you think the film will end? It probably shouldn't.

Anyway, thanks to the R-rated script, the characters actually felt believable and realistic. They still suffer from some of the flaws that come from being in a romantic comedy, mainly their awkward interactions with almost everyone and their somewhat idealistic nature, but that comes with the territory. They are both likable characters, who are actually fair well acted for this kind of thing.

Natalie Portman especially gives a very solid performance, actually being the more energetic person in the duo. Ashton Kutcher is someone I've been told isn't a very good actor, and while I didn't feel he was great, sometimes not really seeming 100% on-board with what he was supposed to be doing, he was competent as the more reserved Adam. The pair had an easy-going chemistry, and because of the script, felt real enough to believe in.

Thanks to the characters being believable and likable, when the film tries to make you emotional, it succeeds. You want to see both characters happy, and when they aren't, you feel sad yourself. When things go right, you almost want to cheer, although it doesn't work quite that well. You'll feel emotion, but not enough to actually bring it out of you. This isn't a tear-jerker or a feel-good film, despite having moments that come close to these levels.

No, what "No Strings Attached" tries to do most is to make you laugh. And it will do so, as it is a very funny film. The aforementioned awkward moments and timing are quite charming, the dialogue will make you laugh, and even some of the situations, (sadly many of them ruined in the trailer), will make you chuckle. It isn't really a laugh-out-loud film, but one that will make you laugh quietly to yourself, every now and then bringing out a full-blown laugh.

I liked "No Strings Attached", probably more than I rightfully should have. Regardless, I did enjoy it-- having a good time while watching it. The characters were likable, the plot, while predictable, was fun to watch, and the film was on the whole pretty funny. It doesn't do anything new to the romantic comedy genre, but it's an entertaining film that will give you a good time at the theatre, and that's really all you can ask for.

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