Northpole: Open for Christmas



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Bailee Madison as Clementine
Dermot Mulroney as Ian Hanover
Lori Loughlin as Mackenzie Warren
Donovan Scott as Santa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inb4dalock 5 / 10

Old people can fall in love too

Watching these 2 fifty-somethings sleepwalk through the twilight of their career gives this movie a special place in the film school case studies of corporate, group think, cookie cutter productions. How do you fill 90 minutes with dialog without really saying anything? "Northpole: Open for Christmas" is your answer. My XMas advice? Get to bed early...

Reviewed by boblipton 4 / 10

And Another

Lori Loughlin finds a sense of place, falls in love with handyman Dermot Mulroney and, oh yeah, saves her aunt's country hotel and Christmas while she's at it, in the second of Hallmark's annual "Northpole" series.

"Open for Christmas" grafts a standard Hallmark romantic comedy onto NORTHPOLE's elaborate magical thesis in a workmanlike fashion. However, there is little in the way of dramatic tension to make this worth watching. Ms. Loughlin inherits her aunt's hotel; it has no guests and no source of income. Even so, there is little sense of financial urgency about the outcome once Donovan Scott as Santa tells Ms.Louglin he is depending on her, despite the occasional histrionics.

The performances are fine. I won't claim that Donovan Scott has cornered the market on Santa, but he has performed the role once or twice a year for more than a decade. Pierre Jodoin's cinematography is excellent; he manages to capture that grey afternoon snowfall light that shows up around Christmas. Yet the script itself never manages to make the viewer think that the inevitable romcom happy ending is ever in doubt.

Reviewed by Harbinger_3781 10 / 10

Excellent Christmas movie with some additional ideas...

Story was great, plot heartening, and spirit-uplifting. No doubt a 10/10 score.

Though one thing about Clementine... From Northpole to the sequel - does she make a habit of bringing her mission- related outsiders to the city in the North? Master Bailee Madison did fantastic work portraying the optimistic, cheerful elven operative, but sometimes her smile and frequent excitements... that was a little bit much, along with a lot of cold puns(reminded me a bit of Master Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze). Wonder if there's a second sequel, will there be someone stoic, stern and serious intercepts her mid-air and asks her, "Okay, Clem. This is, like, the 20th outsider you've brought inside our perimeter over these years. Do you really enjoy making a habit out of it?" Think someone should bar her access back to Northpole homebase while Clementine's on assignment; think if anything can up the difficulty and challenge of her assignments, this can.

Do these protagonists REALLY need to see the Northpole city to believe in Christmas, to meet Santa in person to believe in Santa, to actually witness something magical to believe in the Spirit? What happened to taking leaps of faith and believing things based on absolutely nothing but blind faiths? I'm from one of those countries that DOESN'T celebrate Christmas like the rest of the world do, and even I miss those days! The mere term, "Christmas Spirit", sounds sacred, and the first time I hear it, it gave me a strong feeling that this is nothing to be seen, but to be believed in. It's like taking leaps of faith, believing in something that I might never witness just because I believe it, with no evidence to prove it true. In my mind, these Christmas magic are things of unconventionally high purity and divinity that it does not belong in the presence of the mortals or in front of mortal eyes. If everything has to be seen to believe then there's gonna be a lot of stuff gone.

Christmas was never an item materialized. It never was, is, and it never will be. I hope the future Santas in the Christmas movies - they display their magic at 65% runtime(basically when the male and female protagonists falling out) to show disappointment, and not in the finale to show their magic to make the grumpy characters to finally believe - if they are doubters and don't believe they don't deserve to witness the sacred magic.

A line I've been working out:

'He looked back. In his eyes there's no benevolence, love, joy or warmth, but only cold disappointment. "You are a good kid. Shame you couldn't take the leap of faith. Goodbye." Then he turned on his sleigh, galloped his reindeers and flew away, without even a backward glance.'

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