Now You See Me


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
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Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes
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Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by (svenhaadem) 1 / 10

The greatest trick ever pulled is to make anyone believe this film has a coherent story.

I believe the target audience (and maybe even the writer) are all 14 year old boys who think magicians can do anything they want. I love a good sci-fi setting and I can accept some really fringe premises if the movie exploit them in a good way. This movie just relies on the audience swallowing everything and never questioning anything. If you start to pull any of the many loose ends it all falls apart faster than you can say bullshit.

I wanted to write this whitout spoilers, but the plot has given me a itch I can not scratch.

First, they stole 140 million by knowing the guys first pets name!?? Do they suggest the bank secure their assets with a simple password recovery scheme like that? I don't begin to understand. Are they seriuous? Why didn't they just say they hypnoticed him into withdrawing the money. Even thow that is not possible it is far more believable. This is maybe the most unbeliveble way to explain a heist I ever heard of.

There is not a singel interesting or plausible event in the whole film. Everything is just random. The fbi guy, did he base his whole career on this single moment? That is determenation and planning out of this world. But, I guess its a whole lot easier to say its just distraction and magic that did it all.

I would say that convincing people to pay for this crap is a far greater con than any of the ones presented in the movie.

I have seen allot of bad movies but they all have something if find interesting or good in them. Except this one. I cant find any thing positive to say. Stay clear.

Reviewed by jim-littlewood 1 / 10


This film is about four magicians brought together to perform the ultimate rob a bank (or so they would have you believe). I think that's as far as anyone really got with the plot apart from a few obvious twists along the way. Each of the four magicians is drafted in for their individual talents however these aren't really highlighted or explored during the film in any detail. In fact there is no character development at all which is more disappointing given the fact that the cast includes Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman among others.

So a few minutes in and they perform their robbing a bank trick, the FBI man and the Interpol girl, who are somehow teamed up, are flummoxed so they take the magicians in for questioning. This doesn't go well for the FBI as the magicians use their mind/card tricks to outwit them and in the end they are let go. So the FBI calls in the help of Morgan Freeman, whose job is working out and explaining how tricks are done, to help. He has clearly seen this all before and explains the bank robbery within seconds.

This is where i kind of lost interest in the film. Anyway there are some attempts at this stage to add some depth to the movie but these all fail. The confrontations between Caine and Freeman are tired and they both just seem to be going through the motions. The love interest between the FBI man and the Interpol girl is forced and comes from nowhere. Basically she is hot and they are working on a case together so they fall in love. Even the main four cast members have no chemistry or likability.

So moving on a couple more tricks are performed and the cat and mouse game with the FBI continues. I wont ruin the disappointing end but let's just say there are a few twists that anyone who has seen a movie before would have worked out by now and then the film ends.

All in all the worst film I've seen in a long time and shame on Woody Harrelson for following his excellent performance in Seven Psychopaths with this garbage.

Reviewed by griffolyon12 8 / 10

Like a Vegas Show, Entertaining but Lacking of Much Else

Imagine Now You See Me as Ocean's Eleven meets The Prestige and you sort of get what director Louis Leterrier was going for with this film. Is Now You See Me as successful as the aforementioned films? Not necessarily, but it's a fun movie that deconstructs the acts of modern magicians.

The story follows four Vegas magicians, known as the Four Horsemen, who rob a bank in the middle of one of their shows. What follows is a cat-and-mouse thriller where the FBI chases after these magicians, always one step behind, trying to figure out how they did it.

Where Now You See Me works best is when Leterrier creates cinematic sequences showing us how these magicians used real-life magic tricks to befuddle and dupe both their victims and the FBI. As well, if you want a film with twists and turns, this one will not disappoint. While most of the major twists can be found out before revealed, there is still a joy in watching those twists unfold, thanks to Leterrier's Sherlock Holmes' style of visual deduction. However, the script often falters in one of the most crucial areas, that of character.

Leterrier and company are constantly trying to balance the breakneck pace with the large cast of characters, and it just leaves the characters hanging out to dry. Character development is sorely lacking in Now You See Me, to where I never really cared about any of the characters. Part of this is because the film is constantly shifting points of view. The first thirty minutes follow our Robin Hood-like magicians, and then it switches to the FBI agents tracking them down, but then the film has the magicians constantly one step in front of the FBI to the point that it makes the FBI often come across as buffoons, and I find it hard to care for characters who are so easily fooled. Ultimately, I feel that had the film focused entirely on one set of characters, like the magicians or the FBI, the film would have been stronger and been easier to find a focal point, but as it is the film's core is often muddled.

While Now You See Me may not be a grand slam, it's still entertaining, thanks to the thrills and visual style of the film. Bottom line, if you're a fan of the heist genre, you'll like this movie. For me though, it just lacks a further script rewrite to have become one of the best examples of the genre.

I give Now You See Me an 8 out of 10!

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