Nowhere Safe


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Natasha Henstridge as Julie Johnson
Danielle Chuchran as Ashley Evans
Jamie Kennedy as Kevin Carlisle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Martin Andersson 8 / 10

Cute, slow, and a little bit unexpected collagemovie

I always liked collegemovies. There is something about that contained world, telling a story within that "set" that is enjoyable, watchable, communicatable.

This one is a bit unexpected as far as collegemovies go. The stereotypes break their own molds a little bit, which is unusual. But they do not break them so much that they lose the value of being stereotypes. It is a gentle play with stereotypes, letting them be stereotypes but sort of bringing forth the humanity from the stereotypes.

The message of the movie is also very sweet and humane and especially important for us that live in this day and age of political correctness.

I really did enjoy this movie.

Reviewed by Dan P 2 / 10

Cute but unrealistic

This movie was so unrealistic, it was hard to watch. This movie assumes that high school students are innocent little angels, having no idea what the Colosseum is and actually doing their homework (sure, that happens). The movie likes to play the "pronoun game" with us at the beginning, using pronouns like "they" and "them" to hide the background of the story from the story from the audience, even though it is already obvious what the story's about. Also, the "mean" comments posted on this fake Facebook page were hardly mean at all. Sure, they were a little hurtful, but a lot of them were pretty funny. The message of this movie was lost in its unreal inconsistencies. To be honest, it would have been more exciting to see a suicide that having the student body go from hating the girl to falling in love with her in a matter of seconds.

Reviewed by tim-arnold777 1 / 10

After-School Special on Cyber-Bullying

I have no idea how this film even received 5 stars out of ten. The website I watched this film from showed that IMDb rated it at 8 stars. I was shocked. Anything with Jamie Kennedy carrying anything above a 4 or 5 star review was certainly worth my time. So I watched it. I waited and waited for something about the movie to cause me to agree that it deserved the 8 star IMDb rating it had claimed to achieve. In fact, at the film's mid-point, I might have given it a 5 star review, but the ending was ridiculous. The film floated the notion that absolutely ANYTHING posted on YouTube will go viral in matter of minutes. As well the film perpetuated the myth that everyone is gullible and believes everything they read onlineĀ— refusing to understand, let alone believe that fictitious Facebook pages can be created to defame a person. And how easily the tide turned against the lies and bullying once everyone discovered "the error of their ways". If that wasn't bad enough, the only two distinguishable actors, Natasha Henstridge and Jamie Kennedy close this unbelievable After-School Special on Cyber-Bullying, with the most forced and unnatural looking lip-lock it has ever been my discomfort to see. My lord, what a bad film. If there is a hell, it would be forced viewing (eye-lids peeled back and held with clips) of this sort of stuff for an eternity.

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