Nymphomaniac: Vol. II


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 59%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 68166


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Shia LaBeouf as Jerôme
Stellan Skarsgård as Seligman
Uma Thurman as Mrs. H
Christian Slater as Joe's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mariana Pereira 2 / 10

The movie rails off into an unwanted territory

The characters all end up committing heinous acts that throughout the runtime of two films would lead you to think is completely unlike them at all. Not only is the final act a giant figurative middle finger to the audience, but it also decides to give all the characters completely new personalities just to be able to create a shocking ending. What is so infuriating about the ending, is that there was no built-up or anything suggesting that the characters were capable of doing these acts. It is not as if only one character were to do something that is "outside of their character," but it is pretty much everyone in the movie decides to do something completely unlike themselves all at the same time, just to be able to have an unsatisfying climactic conclusion. Other than the final act, the other scenes also seem to delve more into fetishism instead of focusing on the central "problem," which is her sex addiction (or nymphomania). The movie rails off into an unwanted territory and brings all 4+ hours of these two volumes to not only a disappointing ending, but also an ending that is insulting to its audience.

Reviewed by bella-159-555456 1 / 10

As bad as Volume I With Porn .

This movie is not better than Volume II.

Hard Black Penises,masturbation,oral sex,anal sex and can not find any drama but a complete waste of time.

Why in this movie a nymphomania is a sex slave woman who is like a beast who always have sex and more sex without any purpose?.

No drama just porno, and explicit sex and much nudity!.

Black Men Are Slaves In This Film Why?.

The end of the movie is too bad and uninteresting exactly like Nymphomaniac Movies: Volume I & II.

Again If You Like To See A Porno Movie, go and rent a DVD or buy a porno movie and save your time and money!.

Reviewed by lubchka6 1 / 10

Feces on a wall calling itself art is still just feces.

Where to start? Watching Nymphomaniac, both volumes, is like going to an art show where feces is displayed, and everyone is standing around discussing the contours, layers, lighting, and you're standing quietly thinking to yourself, " I must be missing something. This is art! Isn't it?" Basically, the story of emperor's new clothes at its finest. I will be bold enough to say that no, I'm not missing anything. It really is just sh** I'm looking at. My final thought at the end of both volumes was "wow, those are hours I'm never going to get back." And it's not that the movie was all bad. Charlotte is wonderful, as are all the other actors. The topic is interesting. I didn't mind the nudity and I wasn't offended by any of it. There just isn't any point to it at all! None. Just when you think there may be some point in the friendship she develops with an asexual male, the story stuffs that thought into the toilet in the most confusing unnecessary way. Or when you think there is some point to her love story with Jerome, that is trashed in a very stupid way too. And if the director thinks that he is building up, just to let us down, well, he fails to build anything up since the whole movie is so boring and monotone. There just no point. And if the point of the movie is that there is no point, then why the Hell am I stuck staring at the screen for so long? Anyways, I am utterly disappointed. This is poop. 

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