Office Christmas Party



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Olivia Munn as Tracey Hughes
Jennifer Aniston as Carol Vanstone
Jason Bateman as Josh Parker
Jamie Chung as Meghan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 7 / 10

Bateman & Munn give a clinic in "grounding"

If you study film, you know that entire texts have been written on the importance of "grounding" in a script.

The ground, also known as the glue, is the character that the viewer finds most relatable, most sympatico, when the story itself starts fray around the edges. Which is not to say that all scripts require a strong ground or glue, merely that the more outrageous scripts, the scripts with the least internal cohesion, require as much ground as they can get.

Which brings us to OFFICE XMAS PARTY, one of the more blatant examples of a "spaghetti on the wall" script. In other words, not a lot of fine tuning was done to get this baby ready for shooting day. The writers just took every gag they could think of, threw it against the wall, and then waited to see what stuck.

Some of it stuck, most did not.

But Bateman and Munn hold the film together by holding the attention of the viewer. In fact, they are so effortless at it that, every now and then, for just a split second, you almost think they are acting in another movie entirely, a romcom in which they are the only characters, and you are imagining the other 400 extras in this overdone extravaganza.

Is it funny? Not really. This reviewer laughed exactly once.

Is it engaging? Well, because of Bateman and Munn, actually it is.

Reviewed by Angry Al 3 / 10

Hollywood Continues its Recent Pattern of Bad Comedies

The studios have been in a recent pattern of putting out some really disappointing "comedies," "Hail, Caesar" and "Masterminds" spring to mind first, and you can add "Office Christmas Party" to the list.

Potentially a great cast, an "R" rating which means they don't have to restrain the writing, and..............DUD. Especially with an "R" rating, I fully expect to have more than a few burst-out-laughing moments, that's not the case with this one.

A Human Resources person who runs around spouting company policies? Yeah, surprise....we never saw anything like that before. Really, ummm, funny. The odd thing was, when there was something that was genuinely funny, the audience we were with seemed afraid to laugh. When one character curses out a child at the airport, instead of laughing (because it's supposed to be a COMEDY, folks!), they were horrified. Oh well.

There's a few chuckles but mostly low-key humor dominating this film and that's all I got out of it. You'd be better off waiting for it to come to cable.

Reviewed by Elliot-D-George 3 / 10

★★ - too dumb and not enough fun

After the death of her father, Carol is made CEO of his multi- national tech company. Carol's brother runs the under-performing Chicago branch, and he must persuade his sister not to shut them down by throwing a forbidden office Christmas party to impress and sign with a high-powered business associate.

So, now that the "story" is out the way, we can focus on the rest of it. According to IMDb, this movie is a comedy - well you could've fooled me! Not only did I not laugh, I didn't even smirk. Not only did I not smirk, I didn't even smile internally. This is another one of those horrendous seasonal films that compiles a few well known actors and dumps them into a loud, drugged up, semi-nude environment where everyone swears and talks about their genitals. The script is appalling, there's nothing even slightly funny in there, and the comic timing is all over the place. The pathetic, sentimental ending was more infuriating than heartwarming and left more of a bitter taste than sweet.

All that said, it was interesting enough to hold my attention. The acting was pretty poor, but I quite like Bateman, Munn and Aniston (though Miller cancels them out and McKinnon wasn't as funny as usual). It's one of those movies that will probably amuse a certain demographic, but its appeal is fairly limited. Worth a watch at some point, but not worth paying for when it'll be on TV by this time next year.

Lack of effort means lack of amusement. Decent cast, but nothing for them to do. It's fine, but it's not funny.


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