Old Dogs


Action / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kxok630 2 / 10

Save your money

You worked hard for your paycheck; which is a lot more than can be said for anybody involved with this movie. Like an old dog that needs a bath, this thing stinks something awful.

Robin Williams and John Travolta have done better. Unfortunately, in this outing, neither delivers. It's not enough to prance into camera view, and call that acting. To label their performances as "phoned in" is being too generous. All they do is mug and mechanically recite lines. "Warm and fuzzy" scenes look contrived and phony, "comical" scenes are about as funny as having your teeth pulled out with a wrench and no anesthesia. And no, even anesthesia won't help you endure this movie.

The "touchy-feely" premise is this: two obnoxious swinging single mid-life-crisis guys, are old friends and business partners. Through some dumb circumstances (one has kids he didn't know about-so original yecch), they wind up with two kids to care for. Idiotic? Yes. Original, no. Interesting; definitely not. Writing is flat, the rest of the cast is flat, the plot is flat, and the director should be banned from making movies ever again. The story goes nowhere, and is never involving. The characters are not likable, and the intended laughs are as sparse as igloos in the Sahara desert. It even stoops to the old groin injury bit: sad.

At least the title makes sense. It's all old stuff. And it's a dog.

Reviewed by RakDaddy 1 / 10

If you liked this movie, you are the part of the reason why Western Civilization is doomed

This is the movie that has me rethinking the policy of the Cultural Lifetime Pass. If you made a record or a painting or a movie that helped lift up the standards of culture and made the world a better place, even for a brief moment, then I think you should get a pass if you're forced to make dreck to put food on the table.

I was ready to give Robin Williams his pass for "Reality...What a Concept," "Moscow on the Hudson" and "Insomnia." John Travolta had a potential pass for "Pulp Fiction" and "Get Shorty." Seth Green gave us "Robot Chicken." Matt Dillon, Bernie Mac, Amy Sedaris, Ann-Margaret, for God's sake....

Ladies and gentlemen, no longer. I hereby revoke your passes.

This movie was a pile of trite, clichéd garbage. You could have slotted any other actors into these roles, and you would have gotten the same result: a lot of mugging, a lot of canned reactions, and a lot of tired nutshot jokes. This was such bland pablum that I should have walked out, but I was dragged to this flick with family.

So, was the paycheck worth it? Probably, seeing how so many people gave it a 10 rating and are mocking the critics who rightly called out this turd for what it is. More and more people will pay good money to see Seth Green get cuddled by a gorilla or watch Williams and Travolta go through the same list of gay panic jokes (with a little racism thrown in for extra flavor) that was excreted on screen for "Wild Hogs." Keep polishing that turd, folks; it won't change what it is.

Don't force the ones you love to see this movie. Stay home. Read a book. Play a board game. Do anything but see this waste of time. Please, for the sake of the children, I beg you: do the merciful thing and put down "Old Dogs."

Reviewed by Jackpollins 6 / 10

Much better than expected...in fact, I sort of enjoyed this

I went to see the new family comedy Old Dogs expecting not to like it. The only reason that made me think it wasn't gonna be garbage was the great cast, so I gave it a shot. I was surprised to say I actually sort of liked it. The film stars Robin Williams and John Travolta as Dan and Charlie, two businessmen and long-time best friends. One day, Dan's ex-girlfriend, Vicki (Kelly Preston) takes him to dinner and says she's going to jail. She tells him of how her friend's gonna to watch after the kids and how he needs to check in on them every once in a while. To further explain this scenario, the kids are Dan's kids. When Dan puts Vicki's friend in the hospital, Dan is forced to watch after the kids with a little unenthusiastic help from Charlie. If this plot sounds bad, then you're on the same page as me. The surprise element of this movie is that it's actually pretty damn funny. It doesn't hurt that a great supporting cast including Lori Loughlin, Justin Long, Matt Dillon, Seth Green, and the late Bernie Mac are in it. Obviously this is not a perfect film, nor should it be, and it's not for everyone, but I certainly found it funny enough. Check it out because you may feel the exact same way I feel about this film walking out of the theater.

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