Oliver Twist


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Mark Strong as Toby Crackit
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashyendel 10 / 10

Polanski the great

Roman Polanski never ceases to amaze me at all the things he can do. He can make so many different kinds of films well. His range is truly extraordinary. The man who gave us Chinatown, Pianist, Rosemary's Baby has now directed Oliver Twist. I've seen most of the versions of Twist but this is by far the best. David Leans version is often talked about but it is overpraised. It tends to be overly sentimental an very slow in certain places. I'm not for fast moving movies but his version can be quite dull at times. Polanski's film has updated a great story with lush photography of pastoral settings and the narrative moves briskly. He manages to develop the characters quite well despite the pace. The acting from all is superb especially Ben Kingsley who is barely recognizable. I've never been a fan of great books that have been adapted to film but Polanski seems to have a real knack for this sort of thing. He filmed Tess (also an adaptation) 25 years back with an Academy award nominated direction. That film is one of my all time favorites but Oliver Twist is even better. Polanski seems to get better with age. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Reviewed by cliffcarson-1 9 / 10

A BEAUTIFUL Piece of Construction

Without a doubt the Roman Polanski version of OLIVER TWIST is the greatest "straight" telling version of this story ever filmed. Yes, you will see glimpses of the David Lean version and the Carol Reed musical, but this film stands on it's own as a deeply moving interpretation of the Charles Dickens novel. While I was watching this film I couldn't help thinking how proud Dickens would have been if he were alive. Somewhere beyond he is smiling because Polanski captures the grand scope of the film and maintains its intimacy throughout. OLIVER TWIST moved me to tears.

What a master filmmaker Polanski is and how clever he was to choose OLIVER TWIST as a follow up film to THE PIANIST. You can feel his compassion for this story and its characters. It's hard to match the performance of Fagin given by Alec Guiness in the Lean version and especially Ron Moody in the Reed musical but Ben Kingsley is incredibly dimensional and moving in the role. He puts his own signature onto the part.

Jamie Foreman is the scariest Bill Sykes ever. Barney Clark as Oliver carries the picture on his instinctual little shoulders and is as moving in the role as Ben Kingsley is in his.

The art direction and cinematography are oil paintings in motion. Highly atmospheric and gorgeous to look at.

My only quibble with this version is that the Nancy isn't as compassionate as the the Nancy played by Shani Wallis in the film musical. Although never mentioned in the story there is no doubt about the profession of Nancy and Bet in this picture. Leanne Rowe is a very sexy Nancy and was a fine choice for the part. However, there isn't a scene in this film where Nancy comes into her own and wins the audience over in the way there is for the characters of Fagin, Oliver and the Artful Dodger. This is where Polanski needed to reach deep and establish but didn't . It's unfortunate too because Rowe is really good in the part. There just needed to be a definitive moment in the film where we as an audience fall in love with the character so as to make her death all the more disturbing.

The death of Nancy in the Carol Reed '68 version was a shocking and disturbing scene. The death scene in the Polanski version is handled similarly off camera so as to leave the image in the imagination of the viewer. But the murder doesn't have the shock value it should. I couldn't help thinking that the the image of the blood at the bottom of the door strangely symbolized the blood at the front door of the house where the murder of his wife Sharon Tate occurred. I also got the feeling that Polanski for this reason didn't want to have a graphic death for Nancy. It's as if he's had enough of murders (fictional or otherwise) for one lifetime. One can hardly blame him.

Reviewed by Envinyatar2 10 / 10

Absolutely Perfect

Perfect, there is no better way to describe this wonderful production by Roman Polanski. This time honoured story by one of the world's greatest writers has been given excellent treatment by a fantastic director.

First, the acting is quite good, not just as one would expect from Ben Kingsley (who out does himself as the scheming cantankerous Fagin), but from the child actors as well, most notably Barney Clark and Harry Eden (who play Twist and Dodger, respectively). Another notable aspect of the cast is they all speak with a thick 19th century British accent, and yet manage to be perfectly intelligible to the audience.

As for the story, well, what can I say, it's Dickens! Some characters are of course cut from the book, and some plot points and elements are missing, but that is to be expected when a book is translated into a film. Despite the cuts, the movie is very faithful to the book, and one could hardly ask for a better translation of written medium to the visual.

Despite wonderful acting and excellent story, my favourite part of this movie is definitely the visuals. The set and costume crew has done an amazing job of recreating the London in which Oliver lived. Every nuance of London, from the slums to the well to do areas has been very faithfully realized on screen. The squalor of the back alleys is almost palpable as the characters trod through the mud, and one is almost tempted to doff their hat when the scenery moves to the middle class homes.

Overall, I can find very little to not praise about this movie, the only thing I can find some flaw with is the soundtrack, as it seems a bit sparse in some areas, and perhaps a bit too repetitive. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of any genre.

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