Once I Was a Beehive


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
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Adam Johnson as Robert Speer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ioannis Mpardakis 10 / 10

Exceptionally wonderful, sympathetic, pure and full of right messages!!!

Well done.

Hello people, this is my first review, as I was motivated so much from this film. English is not my native language, so forgive any of my mistakes, only if you wish to do so.

Secondly, I'm not a Mormon, I'mo not a fanatic of religion, not even a so called Hellas citizen, but as Socrates says (yes,says,not "said"), I am a citizen of this world.

The film is truly excellent, one of it's kind, strong enough to carry each one of us deep into the most simple truth in life..difference is only to the outside. Cause inside of us, each person carries the unity not only of human kind, but the unity of universe itself, the unity of the whole universe into one soul mind and body..and this beats everything.

As Socrates one day said, while going to a spring to drink water with his cup, that this child beat me in simplicity, when seeing a child by drinking with his own hands from the spring. Then he dropped the cup away, so that he could act the same as the child did.

So, I'm admitting the same. This film beats me in simplicity, by being witness of their strength, by their pure wisdom, by their effort to help each other in every and each possible way, seeing each other's weaknesses, not to criticize them, but wanting to change them to their best possible strength again, finding themselves in this world throughout their pure good will intentions..throughout unity.

Eventually, the human spirit and the governments of this world, could have learn enough if not all, from the very best example of.. at least once they were a Beehive.

10 stars from me..they deserve the whole world.

Thank you all.

Reviewed by myghost 1 / 10

Boring Immature

I can't believe this "teens" are singing songs that are taught in preschool aged Sunday school. Very immature acting "teens". I'm pretty sure Mormon teens don't sing these silly preschool songs. BORING If they wanted to make a movie about Mormon teens that would appeal to teens, then make the girls act like teens. And these Moms?? Again, pretty foolish acting. My three yr old enjoys watching this but my 13 yr old, not so much. Everything else is pretty typical for an independent, low budget film. Was this one of those , focus on the family films? Those were pretty bad too. The page won't let me submit unless I have seven lines. The only other thing I have to say......best line in the movie is about "air biscuits!"

Reviewed by blue-7 10 / 10

A Uplifting Family Film To Experience

I had the opportunity to catch this film as it was still be fine tuned at the LDS Film Festival in early March of 2015. It was being screened just prior to a session in which a film that I had made was being screened. I'm always interested in seeing what other LDS filmmakers are doing and this one (which at the time didn't have a final title selected yet) sounded like fun. "Once I Was a Beehive" turned out to be one of the highlights of the festival -- a delight from start to finish. I laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish. McAllen Nelson, who directed and wrote the screenplay, has done a wonderful job of taking the viewer into a world of young women learning to value who they really are. The young players, headed by Paris Warner as a non-Mormon who has lost her father to cancer and finds herself at the girls camp when her mother remarries a Mormon man, are all very warm and believable. Special mention must be given to character actress Barta Heiner (who was so wonderful as the senior teacher in "The Cokeville Miracle") who lights up the screen every moment that she appears. Everything about this film works from the directing, fine script, excellent cinematography and the catchy score. I rank this as one the best films that a family could enjoy together. It's worth seeing in the theatre (if you have a chance with its limited release) and certainly purchasing on a Blu-ray or DVD. Did I say that it was for all ages? I was 76 when I saw it and went through at least six hankies!

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