One Chance


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Julie Walters as Yvonne
James Corden as Paul
Mackenzie Crook as Braddon
Colm Meaney as Roland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by l_rawjalaurence 7 / 10

Heartwarming Story that Leaves No Showbiz Cliché Unturned

Structurally speaking, ONE CHANCE follows the trajectory of just about every showbiz rags-to-riches movie you could think of. There's the skeptical father (Colm Meaney) offset by the devoted mother (Julie Walters); the best friend (Mackenzie Crook) who supports Paul (James Corden) despite evidence the contrary; the dramatic reversal scene where Paul is told by Luciano Pavarotti that he will never make the grade; the touching scene where Paul's wife Julie-Ann (Alexandra Roach) vows to support him through thick and thin; and the climactic sequence on the talent show BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT where Paul proves himself in front of the judges including Simon Cowell (the film's Executive Producer). And yet the film has a certain integrity to it: James Corden gives a winning performance as Paul, conveying the uncertainty and gawkiness of the character. Roach makes a convincing lifetime partner - someone who willingly puts up with Paul's basic self-centeredness as she truly believes in him. Meaney turns in a competent turn as a gruff rugby- playing patriarch with a heart of gold. Oh -- and there's the music as well, which is always worth listening to.

Reviewed by bamps_1964 10 / 10

Brilliant film

Having watched the series of Britains Got Talent and remember seeing Paul Potts do his audition I can still see the nervous man walk onto stage amongst giggles and snickers from the audience. Once Paul started singing the hairs on my arms shot straight up and a cold shiver of amazement ran down my back at the magnificence and power of his voice.

The film shows most of the life of Paul before going on the show and the hardships he went through still believing in his love for opera and wanting to sing so much.

An absolutely brilliant film and well worth the watch as it has a great support cast with lots of humour, and by the end of the film you'll want to know more about the man from Wales.

Reviewed by vickyg214 10 / 10

Best Movie in Years

A real movie should entertain you -- with a great story line and a message that touches you; with real acting that allows you to connect with the characters to make you believe them -- make you love them or hate them. It should include real cinematography, directing, editing and music that are like the ingredients of a fine gourmet meal. Each element has its own unique flavor, texture and color, but when put together, the end result is a delectable, savory treat for the senses.

This movie was just that. It is a beautiful love story about an incredible couple played very convincingly by Corden and Roach.

Corden did a spectacular acting job. Watching his facial expressions and the look in his eyes during different key points of the plot was thrilling, moving -- at times taking our breath away.

If anyone doesn't absolutely love Alexandra Roach in this, there is no explanation. We couldn't get enough of her on the screen. All the cast members did a stellar job.

We felt both the beautiful classical and catchy popular music blended in with the already-spectacular film, and worked to make it even more of a top-notch hit.

"One Chance" is an incredible movie based on a true story, and it was wonderfully and skillfully put together. We can honestly say we wouldn't have changed a thing. It didn't insult us; the filmmakers felt no need to insert anything gratuitous for its own sake, as most filmmakers do these days. It was realistically and tastefully done. It made us laugh. It brought tears to our eyes. It made us angry. It made us cheer inside. Bravo to all involved. It was indeed, a delicious feast. We can't wait to experience it again.

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