Open Grave


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 23553


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Sharlto Copley as John / Jonah
Erin Richards as Sharon
Joseph Morgan as Nathan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by genji-hth-106-891191 8 / 10

Do not read any further - Watch it!

Trust me on this one. The less you know about this movie the better.

I came across this movie knowing nothing more than the IMDb plot summary. Hence I did not know what to expect. And that is exactly the mindset "Open Grave" will work best for. It is hard to say something about this movie when every statement regarding the story, characters or structure could potentially reveal too much...

"Open Grave" is a smart movie. Its well thought out narrative structure invites you to constantly try to solve the puzzle. This suspense is maintained all the way until the last ~20mins of the movie. The story and heavy atmosphere are supported by the superb acting and skilled cinematography. It is almost impossible to not get immersed in the movie's microcosm. There are also a few good scares and action sequences to ease the pacing and give your brain time to relax.


Are you still reading? GO WATCH THE MOVIE! ;-)

Reviewed by sad_otter 9 / 10

Made me realize I haven't seen a really good movie in a long time

Yeah, I'm going to try and say as little as possible about the plot. Actually, nothing about the plot would be best. Some people spend the entire time watching a movie like this trying to "figure it out" or whatever. Which is fine and all but disrespects the movie to a degree. I'm not one of those people but even if I were, I seriously doubt it would help much.

The story has quite a bit of mystery to it. You don't really know much more than the characters for most of the run time, but it's a good thing. It isn't frustrating/mysterious like David Lynch or something, and there is a pay off in the third act. I'm not a particularly dumb man but a couple things I was still vague on at the end, but I prefer that to being beaten over the head w/explanations or, god forbid, a narrator.

I suppose it's more of a 7-8 but I'm giving it 9 for originality (more impressive considering it's somewhat unoriginal setup and seemingly going into an extremely overdone genre). Yeah, that won't make much sense until you watch it. Neither will this smooth segue: I don't like Vin Diesel at all (See! what?) but I still give Pitch Black a decent score for similar reasoning. That was an original sci-fi story and deserved props (despite it's Mr. Potato Head leading man/meatsicle). Same w/Open Grave. I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't feel screwed when I found out. It wasn't perfect, but also in a good way (as in too perfect becomes fake/meaningless whereas a blemish or two makes it all the better for being identifiable). And, though it's not an ending that makes you want to jump around riding ponies over rainbows, I felt good at the end. Remembered thinking, "thanks, I needed that" (God knows why I think these things).

Most of the actors are unknown to me, w/the exception of Copley, but all did a great job. I'm digging that he's primarily becoming a sci-fi(ish) actor. Hasn't been many of those in a long time. When I finished Europa Report I had an unsatisfied, I-only-got-to-eat-half-a-sandwich-and-I'm- still-hungry kind of feeling. It was okay (I guess; opinions and all) but this is better. I'm thinking the acting was good because the parts were good. Big famous celebrities can carry movies and parts that are really empty and uninspiring just cuz we want to see them. I think Open Grave could be recast (not that it needs it) and be just as good. It's a good story, they filmed it good, etc.

Watch it. Do it, now. Just put the kids out back to graze and feed em later. Watch it. Aaarrrggghhhh....!!!!

Reviewed by Flow 7 / 10

One of the good ones!

After quite some time of waiting for something different, for a new approach, we can finally say we have lived to see it: Open Grave!

Now, without spoiling the plot, I can't really go into too many details, therefore I'll keep this short and try to focus on the important thing: getting YOU, to watch IT! Man oh man, this one right here, on a cold night, darkness surrounding your screen, and utter complete silence, makes for one hell of a movie! You'll love it, you'll scratch your head so many times trying to figure out what exactly is going on, you might turn bald at the end of it. For some, it won't be too hard to understand what's happening, especially after around 40 minutes, but still, you'll be dying to see more!

Why would I recommend it? New way of saying the story, lovely acting, good atmosphere, perfect tension (provided by great soundtrack), and a story that reveals itself little by little. The end, will be a few minutes when you'll stay on your couch, and feed on the dying moments, as they conclude into something great.

Open Grave (not the most original name) but surely an original and complex way of telling a story.

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