Operation Dunkirk


Action / History / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timtunley 1 / 10

Worst movie ever

This is without doubt the second worst war film I have ever seen. Why were they dressed as Para when the para's were not yet formed and why were they in the wrong helmets. Script just terrible. Nothing to recommend it all. I would have been better to spend the £7 on cider. My advice if you want a laugh buy this movie.

Reviewed by Sasson Solomon 1 / 10

Absolutely Terrible. Avoid like it's a nasty viral infection.

This is a GREAT comedy film.

A great-great-great COMEDY film.

If you want to laugh out loud, watch this.

People try to make comedy films like this one, and don't succeed!! This one manages to do it without effort! Great-Great comedy film.

Reviewed by John Walker 1 / 10

Unbelievably awful

I have spent many years on IMDb, reading reviews of films and checking actors, but this film is so bad that I have gone through the lengthy registration process in order to express the feelings of rage it produced.

I do not expect complete accuracy in a work of fiction, but in order to enjoy a film there must be some semblance of reality in order to maintain the necessary "suspension of disbelief" required of an audience.

Let's just consider some of the film's major failings:

The uniforms worn by both sides, particularly the British, are what may be found by wandering around a military surplus store and picking up at random. The Parachute Regiment did not exist in 1940 so red berets and para cap badges are ridiculous. The men wear a mixture of regular army and para clothing and equipment. Don't get me started on the helmets.

The military vehicles are a mixture of units from different countries and different eras, mostly American. A jeep in 1940?

The troops of both sides have no idea of tactical movement or fire control. The Germans use enormous numbers of rounds to shoot one Frenchman in the back.

Both sides use a mixture of weapons, some of which were not issued in 1940.

Few of the actors know how to carry or control a weapon properly. The Frenchwoman in particular would not only miss but probably hurt herself holding her rifle as she does.

A British officer asking his men if they want to continue the mission?

Overall, I can only assume that the director felt no need to consult a military adviser.

If we add to this the stilted dialogue, the cartoon German "baddie" and the ability of everyone in 1940 to understand what an algorithm is, you can see why, despite my best efforts I could not watch it to the end.

Better never to start watching.

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