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Mischa Barton as Pamela Miller
Luke Goss as Jeremy Miller
Ving Rhames as Richard
Michael Paré as Howard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Karissa Best 1 / 10

Worst acting I have ever seen

Terrible acting, unlikely human responses in movie & very predictable. I made an account JUST to let people know not to waste their time on this one movie. Hopefully you poor souls listen to my advice. Mischa Barton has absolutely no emotions towards HER child. She distills nearly NO EMOTION over her daughter being kidnapped and nearly drowned. Just pure disgust. Don't buy it. Don't watch it. Don't even bother with the trailer.

Can't believe people paid money to provide this.

Don't do it.


Reviewed by Michael Cudd-vallely 1 / 10

Just Nope

This film was so bad, I even felt sorry for the prop designers who had to make all those fake dollar bills in the back of the vans. There was one scene where the main woman was asked to describe her husband and she says "he has brown hair" cut to husband in the cop car...He's bold as a babies bottom and talking about babies bottoms his partner describes a girl having an "ass like a ten year old" now this might have been a joke but the way it was deliverer and how out of the blue it was, just make it creepy.

It seems to me that the characters where totally miss cast or very poorly directed but not even Spielberg at the helm would have make the story any better.


Reviewed by adrossan 1 / 10

, please make this call collect

Another great idea wasted.

Looks like a plan to sell a computer game, with masked robbers that can twist sideways & dodge shotgun blasts.

Mischa Barton completely miscast, looking sour as if her cat hadn't kissed her goodbye from her trailer.

More thought into the threat & less rubbish on the phone control would have improved this out of sight.

Also unbelievable were Ving Rhames, Michael Pare and all the smart savvy phone operators that didn't notice what was going on right next to them.

Too silly to sustain action/thriller watcher interest.

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