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Olivia Cooke as Laine Morris
Shelley Hennig as Debbie Galardi
Lin Shaye as Paulina Zander
Robyn Lively as Mrs. Galardi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caseynicholson 2 / 10

It's Like They Made the Terrible Sequel First

So, I first saw "Ouija: Origin of Evil" (2016) in the theater when it came out, and I thought it was fantastic--I gave it 9/10 stars. And so, of course, I decided to go and watch the first film in the series, simply titled, "Ouija". I did so despite my having been warned by a couple of friends that it was a pretty bad movie. But, come on, how bad could it really be??? "Origin of Evil" is AWESOME....so the first one must be pretty good, right?

Wrong. This movie is terrible. TERRIBLE.

About the only thing I can say for the movie is that it does more or less follow the storyline of the prequel (although there are some glitches there, too), and as such it was marginally fun to find out how the story ends, so to speak.

But, man, this movie just downright sucks all the way around. The plot is bad, the acting...is...OK, but nothing to write home about. The story is not developed at all, and it's like they just threw together a few general concepts and tossed it into a movie.

All that said, it really is like they made the terrible sequel first, after the hit horror movie. The 2016 prequel is leaps and bounds better than this movie. But this movie itself is weak as can be. 2/10 stars....a rating I have hardly ever given before. This one's bad folks. Real bad.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 4 / 10

Unoriginal Even in the Title

After the death of her best friend Debbie (Shelley Hennig) that committed suicide, Laine (Olivia Cooke) brings her sister Sarah (Ana Coto) and convinces her friends Trevor (Daren Kagasoff), Isabelle (Bianca Santos) and Pete (Douglas Smith) to perform a séance using a Ouija board. However they unleash evil spirits that threat them.

"Ouija" is unoriginal movie even in the title since there are many "Ouija" movies. I do not recall how many movies that I have seen with the same storyline, where a group of teens or even adults that use a Ouija board or a séance to accidentally awake evil spirits. The story is boring, the acting of Olivia Cooke is weak for a lead actress and the screenplay does not help. The plot point of this forgettable movie does not have anything special. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Ouija: O Jogo dos Espíritos" ("Ouija: The Game of the Spirits")

Reviewed by MovieBoy016 1 / 10

How about we call it The Anti-Shining?

I have noticed that I have watched a lot of great movies. Road to Perdition, Blade Runner, Memento, 21 Jump Street, City Lights. The list goes on. I can watch a few mediocre movies here and there. But I don't think I ever saw a truly bad movie. So I decided to watch a bad movie. And this was the one to begin with.

Now, keep in mind, I am 16 years old, so I barely watched any teen films, because I'm not into the whole stuff teens are into these days (call me a hipster, if you will). So really this was my first teen horror.

And it sucked.

And why? First, the setup. It's not established. If you go back at films like the Shining, the first act devotes it's time to setup the characters and the events to come. Ouija's setup is 7 minutes long (sorry if I haven't got that right) and ends once the title shows up. That's it. You don't give a damn about the girl going through her loss because you know nothing about her. But you give a damn about the Torrences alone in the hotel because you know everything you need to know about them. That is why The Shining worked. Ouija doesn't do that. It's very cold and emotionless. When people say that Christopher Nolan's films are cold and emotionless (and even then, his films have SOME emotional impact. Just look at Inception and Interstellar), this film is the response to prove them wrong. It's entirely robotic and dull.

Second, the direction. There are a lot of dumb decisions. the film looks like the filmmakers used the first take of every shot, rendering bad performances on it's cast. The film doesn't even look creepy in my opinion, it looks boring. There's little light and what lights are used, they're not used in great effect like in Jacob's Ladder or films by the Coen Brothers. It wants to look creepy, but like car crash lady, there is no internal scares. I thought Charlie Kelly directed this movie due to his opinion on Poltergeist, but it made me really wish that Stiles White's anti-masterpiece really was a horrible amateur film made by the Gang.

Third, the acting. Like I said. It's monotonous and dull. You know your friend who wants to impress you and does everything in his/her power to do that and fail miserably? Imagine a cast doing the same thing. Heck, the extras have more convincing performances compared to the main cast. What kind of directions did the actors take? "Slower" and "more robotic"?

Fourth and final, the plot. It's just a by-the-numbers teen horror film but with Ouija boards (Now might be the time to mention that I know nothing about them and never played with them). It's about as lazy and clichéd as you can imagine. Jumpscares and ghosts and Apple Products galore! And the end, I'm not going to spoil it for you, but it's very disappointing.

Overall, It's a boring, lifeless, unnecessarily slow and a sorry excuse of a horror movie. It makes watching paint dry look entertaining. There is nothing worth redeeming.

If you want to watch a good horror film, avoid this bore fest and go watch The Shining instead. Now that's a true horror movie.

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