Outlaws and Angels


Drama / Thriller / Western


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 5 / 10

The movie seemed to try way to hard to be like a toned down Hateful Eight but came off as more of a soap opera

"Where does it all begin. Violence, the gun, the knife, the axe. How's it born, how's it start?" Henry (Murray) and his gang of outlaws are on the run when the find a frontier house. They decide to hide out in there against the wishes of the family that lives in it. What starts off as a simple idea to hide soon expands into a dynamic that no one involved can explain or expect. There have been many many westerns that have come out in the last few years. Most of them awful, a few decent ones and then ones like this. One that isn't terrible and one that is worth seeing, but at the same time one that isn't all that memorable but it is watchable. The movie seemed to try way to hard to be like a toned down Hateful Eight but came off as more of a soap opera. There are some really good things in this and the twists are interesting and I do think it's worth seeing, but really only once. Overall, a movie that is entertaining as you watch it but a day or two after you won't remember half of it. I give this a C.

Reviewed by singleyem 8 / 10

Fantastic homage to classic westerns

I absolutely loved this movie. Initially I wasn't so sure about it because the way it's filmed at first glance makes it look low budget but as it progresses it's apparent that they were attempting to make it look older like a classic western. The movie is funny, thrilling, shocking, gritty, and gory, all things I love. The script and acting were brilliant. I loved most all of the characters even the ones you are supposed to hate just because they were so well portrayed. The scenery is really beautiful as well. This movie reminds me of the old westerns I used to watch with my dad but at the same time feels up to date with the advances in acting, plot, and originality.

I saw someone else comparing this to The Hateful Eight. I have to completely disagree with them. This is so much better than that movie. The Hateful Eight was highly disappointing: too long and drawn out, mostly boring, and not really funny. This movie is not in any way boring, it is clever, funny, and entertainingly shocking.

The two issues I did have with this movie are:

1. Luke Wilson--he sucks as an actor and I was annoyed when they switched to the scenes with him. Luckily he isn't a major player in the picture. 2. While the turn of events at the end did have some entertainment value, part of me feels it would have better had they ended it just before the last bit. It just seemed like maybe they were trying a bit too hard. Plus taking that part out seems to fit more with the traditional ending to a western. But still it's good as is.

8 out of 10. Would have easily given it a 9 without Luke Wilson.

Reviewed by John Finej 10 / 10

An ultra violent, psycho-sexual art house flick. Totally unique

I think the main problem when it comes to the bad reviews here is that many folks watched this expecting a western and it's only a western because of the time period. The story isn't for fans of westerns, clearly, and people expecting the same old satisfying formula plot points in a normal western are going to be sorely disappointed. This is a wild ride. Fans of Bad Lands, Killer Joe, Natural Born Killers and Goodfellas will have more in common with this than anyone else. Acting is incredible. Story is totally surprising and unique. And that gorgeous and grainy 35mm film is absolutely stunning. Not for the faint of heart, but a damn good ride.

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