Outlaws and Angels


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Teri Polo as Ada Tildon
Luke Wilson as Josiah
Francesca Eastwood as Florence Tildon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joel Dodd 10 / 10

Classic homage to Peckinpah with real issues

If you are oblivious of the heritage of westerns as a genre, then many aspects of this movie may not be relevant. If you try to avoid real issues around domestic violence and "Christian" role models molesting their daughters, then you will find this movie confrontational. That said, the plot is well-crafted, the acting is excellent and the themes that the movie deals with, while unpalatable to some, are very real in our communities, and always have been - just not talked about openly. Family secrets, closets of skeletons. This story is about a young woman who sees a chance to escape from her less than ideal family life, and exploits the opportunity. Yes, the movie does have a few weak points, but they do not detract from the strengths of the cast and direction. Scenes of violence are reproductions of the classic Peckinpah style, and remain in context of a thread of dark humour running through the movie that surfaces most frequently in the development of the outlaws' personalities. I rate it 10 not as a perfect movie, but one that is well crafted and holds a mirror to the false morality of families who mask their abusive relationships with a veneer of respectability. If you give credence to those who rated it less than 3, you should see more classic westerns (sixties to eighties), research rates of incest and domestic violence, and read "Tess of the D'urbervilles" - not a western, but a classic of social mores and what a woman can do to escape social judgment. As a comparison, Francesca Eastwood made a better western than her brother Scott. She has truly earned her Eastwood stripes.

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 7 / 10

Outlaws and Angels: Love, Misery and Egoism.

The present movie is the final elaboration of a shorter piece called 'Henry John and the Little Bug', released about seven years ago by the same Author, JT Mollner, a peculiar kind of film maker.

The final full-length result is peculiar too, but very well acted and very well written. It deals with miserable beings living miserable lives and is a paradigmatic story of how misery, love and egoism can bring anyone to perdition, given the wrong circumstances.

There isn't much pity in Author's heart for his own characters and not many of them will make it through the end. But there is love, as in any great artist's eye, even though of a strange and desperate sort.

Reviewed by mojoguzzi-879-68498 10 / 10

Superb but Sordid Western Thriller

I didn't expect much when I tuned into this movie and was more than pleasantly surprised. I was expecting another modern indie Western shot in some Wild West theme park with stunt men pretending to be actors and a half-baked script.

Outlaws and Angels blew me away. The psychosexual dynamics of the screenplay stretch the Western genre until it bursts apart at the seams. This is not a family film. It's not Shane, although it is something of a morality play, with several characters getting their just due at the end of a gun. There is plenty of violence and sexual content. Although the seedier bits are handled with care, prudes and squeamish viewers are advised to skip this one.

The direction and editing are crisp and tight and the production values are excellent. Locations and costumes are authentic - there are no actresses with bleached hair and Maybelline blush and no cheap polyester duds on the dudes. The soundtrack is the most inventive in the genre since Ennio Morricone's signature work on spaghetti Westerns.

The cast is superb and matched perfectly with their characters. All the actors are totally believable and appealing, but Francesca Eastwood steals the show with her quirky beauty and nuanced performance.

If you like intense action thrillers like Sicario, check this one out. I can't wait to see what this director does next.

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