Outpost: Black Sun


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dalbert Pringle 1 / 10

Hello!? The Rise Of The 4th Reich!?.... Ha!

Yawn!.... Well, here we go again with yet another savagely vicious zombie movie - But, this time around it's been specially flavoured with a demented Nazi-twist to its storyline, which I guess was supposed to make it much more interesting to watch. But, it didn't.

One of Outpost's biggest strikes against it was the nuisance, meddlesome, female character, Lena. This woman was, pretty much, the only female in what seemed to be a male-dominated cast. And, strike #2 against Outpost was that each of these males was nothing but a typical army jock who was hell-bent on proving to his fellow troopers that his balls hung lower than theirs'.

Anyway - The biggest problem with the Lena character was that one minute she wanted to be treated as if she were just one-of-the-boys, and, then, in the next minute she was demanding special consideration due her gender as a female. (Spare me!)

If that wasn't annoying enough - Outpost was also one of those irksome horror movies where the characters clearly didn't know what the hell they were dealing with (the Nazi zombies), yet, they handled the whole situation with a truly remarkable competence.

In conclusion - For all that it was worth, this super-lame, poorly conceived Zombie/Nazi movie should have really been billed as a twisted slapstick comedy - 'Cause that's all it was to me.

Reviewed by James Farmer 2 / 10

A really pointless and poor sequel

Outpost, the original was watchable and a good honest, original idea.

This incarnation, the sequel is a botched attempt at something, not sure what, maybe the actors got together to make a type of CV of their skills (which is pretty low judging by this) The acting, the accents and the plot are dire.

Furthermore, the story jumps and flits about like a grasshopper in mid summer and the only aim is to reach the end of the movie with room for a sequel….Oh dear.

No connection between events and the lunacy of the idea to make a sequel is plain to see.

Then, consider the special effects; I reckon a group of students clubbed together and chipped in £50 a piece to make a pseudo CV of their talents; amounting to about 0.5 / 10 Someone, somewhere must have stumped up hard cash for this drivel and I can only question their sanity for doing so.

I will soon be viewing the 3rd installment…

Reviewed by martin-busek 7 / 10

Not bad at all

This is my first review on IMDb and it will be very quick. All I wanted to say is that I have seen original Outpost movie couple of years ago and it was "ok" thriller/horror flick and I didn't really expect any more films, to be following. Well I was wrong and I decided to give it a go too. With low-average expectations... And to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. From the first two minutes of camera/lighting quality, acting, etc... I knew, that there is something good happening there and now, I'm really happy I didn't pass. It's better than first Outpost and it's definitely better than lots of HIGH budget cinema flicks. I would recommend this film to any thriller/horror fan! Enjoy!

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